The master volume control which is located in the codec works perfectly in any position. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. The sample we have received has no digital connectors for external devices and it decodes the Dolby Digital 5. Here, it’s vice versa. This game supports only base variants of sound interfaces, i. For someone putting their own system together, this is a much easier connection to make then working inside a miniplug, and the plugs would also be cheaper.

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Setup Unpacking the system is where the first impressions started to build. People often dispute in multimedia conferences about how different cards sound in games. The main advantage is its price. The master volume control which is located in the codec works perfectly in any position.

Abit’s AU sound card – The Tech Report

As usual, we used the SpectraLab 4. Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. I must admit that it was rather difficult for me to get this card work in normal mode.

If the computer is just processing the movie, the effects are minimized, agit when competing for CPU time, the movie playback xu10 experience some glitches. It works best when all other sound cards are removed, including any remaining drivers for the earlier card. The highlights that this chip contributes to the card include support for multiple speakers, SPDIF output, and joystick compatibility.


The G9 connection is the zu10. Then you won’t bother with manual switching on the exterior sound-reproducing part of audio track with variety of analog cables. Abit will be bundling the AUa 5.

Setup – ABIT SP50 Home Theater Speakers & AU10 Sound Card

I have chosen this game due to support of “the coolest” interfaces in it: Very clear and pleasant sound. What’s all abig for? Too quiet dialogs, sound is somewhat blurred Mark “bad”.

Inadmissible drop out of the sound in dialogs. Looking closely at the spectrogram you can notice a higher level of 2, 3, 4, 5-th harmonics what resulted in more distortions.

If you are now deciding which card should be bought I advise to listen these files on your acoustic system. The comparison was carried ccard with switching from digital to analog mode and back, using the remote controller of the receiver, without breaking the composition. Also, as noted earlier the speakers and stands are jet black; however, the included cables are bright white and stand out against the desktop. When accessing the Siund for both image processing and surround sound decoding, these effects could become more of a problem.


On the internal extension block I have found out digital input and output:. As a result, some points in DVD movies may experience a lag, or loss of continuous playback.

Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. At the same time, the quality of the samples is not high. In my opinion, fps measurement for sound cards has no practical sense, since the sound quality matters much more for creating realistic and fascinating atmosphere then some hardly noticeable losses in speed and fluency of a game.

Threaded, dynamic default New replies push comment threads to the top. That’s why the drivers were installed from the CD. The total results don’t change with it.

Abit’s AU-10 sound card

Overall, the card is fairly straightforward, offering 6 outputs. The ForteMedia core is a moderate audio chip, but nothing that blows away the competition in performance.

But the similar price for all three sound cards doesn’t let us give an allowance to any card.

Aureal SQ Digital drivers v. The max sampling is only 22 KHz!