You can tell that the drive has been detected as NetWare-tested and NetWare-approved if the message NetWare Yes Tested and Approved is included in the drive description string that appears when you run monitor. You should disable the host adapter BIOS if the system never boots to any devices connected to the host adapter. Repeat steps 13 through 16 for each driver as necessary. If the following message appears, type a: Select the appropriate driver for your SCSI controller.

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Undo any hardware changes that you have made to the computer since it was last operational.

Driver for Adaptec Adaptec AIC-7880 PCI SCSI Controller – downloading and installing it

If you load without the slot option, you will be prompted to enter a valid axaptec. Please enter the full path to Adaptec’s installation files. The Loaded Drivers window below the list of available drivers displays the names of drivers that are loaded and operational. Boot Device Options The boot device options allow you to specify the device from which to boot your computer: Dell recommends that you leave this option set to the default.

The Windows NT 4. This allows backup of server disk drives to a server tape drive.


The advanced host adapter settings should not be changed unless absolutely necessary. Load the SCSI driver.

Typically, slot numbers for embedded devices are in the 10, range for example, while optional host adapters correspond to the PCI slot numbers for example, 1, 2, 3. When the Select a driver menu appears, insert the NetWare 5. The boot manager for Windows NT Server 4. At the prompt, select Yes to exit, and then press any key to reboot the computer.

Driver Installation for Novell NetWare 5. When this option is set to Yesthe host adapter attempts bit data transfer. Insert the Windows NT Server 4. The default for the AIC host adapter is Disabled.

Synchronous data transfer is faster than asynchronous data transfer. Because the cylinder size increases to 8 MB under extended translation, the partition size you choose must be a multiple of 8 MB.

To set up the removable media, perform the following steps: To install NetWare 5. The driver failed in its attempt to register the host adapter with NetWare.

This section describes how to install and configure the Dell small computer addaptec interface SCSI device drivers included with your Dell PowerEdge computer system. The driver failed in its attempt to reserve the host adapter’s hardware settings that is, direct memory access [DMA] and interrupt request [IRQ] settings. Some older SCSI devices do not support synchronous negotiation. Select Continue the Installation to create disk partitions and system volumes and to specify volume names following the procedures listed in the NetWare User’s Guide.


Download and install Adaptec Adaptec AIC PCI SCSI Controller – driver id

Perform the following steps only if you are upgrading to NetWare 4. If the following message appears, press the spacebar, type l at the next screen, and then follow the instructions on the screen to continue booting with the last known good configuration: Do you want to use the currently installed driver s or install new one s. See “Getting Help” in the Installation and Troubleshooting Guide for instructions on contacting Dell for technical assistance.

To install these drivers, perform the following steps: Some 8-bit SCSI devices may have trouble handling wide negotiation, which may result in erratic behavior or a hang condition. This option cannot be specified in the startup. Dell recommends using only Dell-tested drives.