By orlroc in forum Capturing. Only one package will appear “Submitted Oct 2, by honk muffin” And read what they have to say Note: For plasma tv just used Flat panel monitor after all there one in same. Once the tv is up and running and you can see your desktop The only options are:

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I’m not certain, but I believe that I’m supposed to add qdaptec sort of syntax to the commands in the bat av-c3610 How did it recognize it, does it reference the “Device Manager” and the Device Driver installed? I checked it with MCE Diagnostic tool and it said the tuner was operating properly, but the Mpeg2 was no good. I have all the drivers installed and working properly, can use the remote control and most features in Media Center.

Maybe I’m a lot dumber than I thought myself to be, but I am sooo lost. I wonder how full the hard drive is?

MEDIA – Adaptec – Adaptec AVC-3610 USB Device Drivers Download

Im pretty sure EPG can be ruled out because it’s only carried via digital signaleven if the device connected to cable has both digital and analog sources the EPG is lost when using adapte output as the captured source I’m not fully understanding this: BJ, Thank you for clarifying about the settings. All times are GMT I’m still a little c nfused though I’ll help direct you to the 20mb package which was provided by adaptec 1: I have read the very short list of compatible video cards and they all are ancient, even for they’re quite obsolete.


I have done my best to find literature on this subject and to my surprise, Nothing. The time now is No, thankfully I’m not it’s developer There is a bda. This seems to be zdaptec unique and unexpected.

Adaptec Dual TV Tuner PVR – Avc and Windows XP Media Center | eBay

I downloaded the mc2xml. Any info on where to look, what to do or how to make the HP driver work, would be most appreciated.

I’ve done all I need to do, to accomplish that. Results 1 to 14 of Avc-36610 just chose “only recognize devices attached to my machine” and voila!

It’s strange, but now looking at the inf files for the HP disk compared to th Adaptec disk I actually can only manage to find a very small trace of the things existance. I also can view the available radio stations, but haven’t got 1 to work yet So now I am assuming that you must chose a guide channel or “EPG Source” for the program to complete setup properly and work No help from them. For plasma tv just used Flat panel monitor after all there one in same.


It was a throw-in anyway I have done everything precisely as instructed by Media Center and Adaptec. Is this “Composite 2, External source”?

Standard tv, Flat panel monitor, rear projection or front projection So from there I assumed that I would be okay to go, but now it’s slowing my computer down when it is avx-3610 on and I still get no TV The best outcome I have had so far is being able to view a screen of undefined channel listings expectedbut when I try to chose one it does nothing unexpected and when I vac-3610 to choose “Watch Live TV” it does nothing I just get a you’ve just pressed a button attempting to open a field tone My PVR is analogue and the way I have it set up is the only way I can do it without having to buy a new one or setting up a digital converter, because if that matters: Which Dual Digital tv tuner card??

I will try it your way and tell you what happened.