Whether the problem resides in the USB driver or in the Timy hardware, or more probably both is still unknown, but if you want to work smoothly, without being afraid of everything happening around you, you must definitely avoid the USB connection with the Timy. There’s no time appearing on the software window, only on the Timy. What mode on Timy?? The oldest TIMY yet interfaced is from All pins were soldered pass-through, but pins 10, 11, 12 have been extracted through a lateral hole, to a 10ft cable with a standard 9p F connector. If its any comfort. For now I’m optimistic.

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That situation never happened before the upgrade of the Timy and the software and the gate was working properly. While this is not an acceptable option anytime, the “USB” setting obscures the Serial drop down so you have to go back and check it.

I write software for a living and have worked with a lot of embedded systems and resetting a device is the middle of a firmware upgrade is often the time when the device is most vulnerable and likely to become a useless brick.

I think tiy did not produce reliable power, and the Timy was not getting sufficiently charged.

Sign In or Register. Therefore, the “blinky-box” or the Tag “line conditioner” do not seem to be things that will work in my case. What mode on Timy?? The only thing now is that when Gimy start a frontrunner or a racer, Split Second automatically start 3 other frontrunners or racers one each 2 seconds approximatively!


Are there network issues with that ethernet hookup?

I noticed it when using a dodgey long USB cable to a Timy. No multiple start in PC mode! It has been successfully tested on XP and Vista. Dell is a great off lease machine too.

My gut says that it has something to do with the external monitor and the amplifier. The multiple start issue occur when I press the start button on the Timy. Nobody even noticed the eyes and TED’s shooting across my road! Our experience has been less than fully successful. Backing out of Setup and Test and restarting seems to allow a few more pulses. If it doesn’t, you can either admit defeat and drive the display from the B laptop, or hook up another timer and laptop via the second output on the A side of the blinky boxes.

SST version 6.07 rev 3 supports TIMY USB connection |

Sign In or Register. Finally, you’ll never receive email notifications about content they create or likes they designate uusb your content. Although not the cheapest available, they are rock-solid and drivers are absolutely reliable. As such USB is subject to possible interference as the posts in this thread attest.


This is a physical port unlike USB which is a software generated virtual port. So, the amplifier was no longer being used. I went to the tab called Firmware then clicked the link “Install Firmware from File” thinking it would alg prompt me for timy.

We tried using optocoupling on inputs and outputs, HI-Q shielded USB cables max 2 ft and insulating transformers for power. I know that there’s probably a logical explanation but Just keeping this forum moving. However, I cannot say with certainty that the switch in dropped connections exactly corresponded to switching the external monitor.

There are still too many variables, but it suggests some paths forward. No worries — problem solved. Oh, I forgot something important.

Alge Timy-3 Handheld

Even though I reset in the middle of a firmware update, the device restarted to a state where InstallManager could still communicate with it.

We’ll have to see how it works under race situations with lifts running, snow-making, announcing, printers, etc. My club just purchased a TIMY2 for backup timing.