The time now is Hello, Friends, I posted this same basic note in another thread, but thought maybe I’d better make it a “stand-alone”, and so maybe get more comments on my questions. Of course ill pay for them. Originally Posted by robertbartsch. I really liked Emilar drivers on Altec Horns.

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There isn’t much difference between compression drivers from reputable manufacturers.

Altec B horn damping | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

The Exact Center of North America. The most bang for your buck is the bell ends outside the mounting flange. Hi, Skywave-Rider, Thanks, very much! Yes, my password is: After mounting them and driving with Altec g’s, I couldn’t hear any ringing.

IMO for home use there’s wltec better sounding 1″ horns than the and The was used without a cabinet so perhaps that is the difference. I’m thinking about getting rid of one pair, and keeping one, “for a rainy day”, and need to decide whether it’s the ‘s, or the ‘s, that will hit the bricks Thanks, again, and God Bless!


To those that have already seen this, in the other thread, my apologies, and thanks for your patience! You can also do what Altec did on later s where they didn’t weld the joints in the vanes but instead filled the gap with some kind of rubber. I’ve used it on, and my s. My horns were treated with 1″ flexable alte rubber sheets.

Nov 17, 8811b Received: I still proceeded with mass damping, placing up to 20 lbs on each horn throat. This is some installed on b horns.

Anyone think this driver would be any good? I just looked the stuff up and can’t find it but there are many companies selling the stuff.

Altec B Horn + Big Woofer DIY System | Page 2 | Super Best Audio Friends

I custom trimmed them to fit all sides of the horn except the front, then Goop glued them into 8811b. Hi, Tom and Robert, Your comments were really what I was seeking. Then find woofers to buy. I heard no difference nor ringing between the damped horn and undamped.

Extra Tabs by vBulletin Hispano. Sep 25, Likes Received: All times are GMT Of course ill pay for them.


I even used them crossed at 1st order with no problems in home use with Altec drivers but JBL s used on the crossed at hz 1st order “clacked”. I asked members to describe this sound but didn’t get any accurate responses.

I thought that system smoked any regular home stereo speaker system I’d heard to that time, except the L’s, for which I had deep lust, back then. Page 2 of 12 Prev No, create an account now.

Altec 811B horn damping

Twiiii- you are right about the xover point, I like my horns much better crossed over at hz. Altecs horns really sound great when crossed at hz.

Any ideas on damping this horn its painful in the midrange at high output levels? Dec 13, Likes Received: It was all the rage — a decade or two ago.