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ASUS EAH4850/HTDI graphics card – Radeon HD 4850 – 512 MB Series

About Us Employment Privacy Policy. During 2D operation — basic operation of Windows and non-graphics intensive applications — the fan is disabled, leaving the heatsink to serve as a silent cooling method.

A modest performer in any regard, there are few incentives to spend the extra money. Sign in with LinkedIn Sign in with Facebook. Though ATI’s own drivers offer an overclocking utility, iTracker provides more advanced overclocking and fan speed options, with eah850 presets for a number of different situations and the ability to change fan speed settings manually.

Advanced Video card Benchmarks: CrossFire allows you to install dual display cards in compatible motherboards. The information category is interesting and displays all sorts of information from the basic clock speeds and temperatures to fan speeds, voltages, and even power draw. Left 4 Dead Page Its a good time to be on the market for a new video card. It’s been an uphill battle for ATI trying to fight Nvidia on the high-end sector, where the latter has been holding the performance crown more decisively since at least late when they unveiled the well regarded GeForce GTX.


You’ll also be able to connect the card for TV output via component, composite, or S-video. Rather than relying on a single fan as most video cards do, the hybrid cooler system combines a heatsink and fan, allowing for better cooling and quiet operation.

When the card starts to conduct 3D processing esh4850, the fan kicks in, ensuring that your precious video card doesn’t crack under pressure. The Ultimate Box Page It’s a good time to be on the market for a new video card. The PCI Express interface is designed specifically for video cards, ensuring that you will get the best performance out of this graphics card.

Asus EAH HTDI/M/A Radeon HD Videocard Review –

I need power and lots of it. The graphics test-bed consisted of a 2. Mid-range videocards not only tend to be ideal for today’s games, they often overclock to match the speeds of the more expensive members of their family! Although the extra memory does not directly translate to better performance, its inclusion would make the card more appealing to PC enthusiasts.

Subscribe to our newsletter. World in Conflict Game Benchmarks: Instead the company will be dedicated to design power efficient chips that will fare well in the mainstream eay4850 card market, then rely on multi-GPU implementations for crunching extra performance. Left 4 Dead Game Benchmarks: Gotta love this, Toms do the usual HW review of cards and right at the top before radeo can even see the article is a google advert for hardwarecanuks.


User Comments Got xti to say? Without a huge performance lift, there main reason you may consider this graphics card is if you are considering better cooling features and expanded overclocking options.

Fallout 3 Game Benchmarks: The iTracker app offers fantastic utility, assuming you wrap your head around the confusing user interface. After floundering in second place behind nVidia for the past few years, ATI’s Radeon 48xx-series videocards promise to boost AMDs marketshare back up to a healthy margins by delivering fast framerates for a very competitive price.

This effectively doubles the processing power of your video card, making it an ideal eah48500 for improved performance in PC gaming. Each port is dual-link, supporting resolutions of up to x per display. Fallout 3 Page The card supports Shader Model 4.