I bought a Fortissimo II instead. I actually did quite a bit of testing with various IRQs assigned to the card. With an Eax card, it wasnt crisp, you didnt hear teh tap of boots on floor and jingle of the armour, you heard things down a long carpetted tunnel. After Aureal’s release of A3D 2. Users browsing this forum: Feb 5, Posts:

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Sun Feb 11, 7: I’ll bring up the ProAudio Spectrum Wed Feb 07, 2: This computer hardware article is a stub. No music, no SFX, no voice. Oct 26, Posts: However, Microsoft apparently did a serious rewrite of the drivers for XP. No game has made nearly as much of an impression on me as HL did on the Monster It’s my good old 4. Originally posted by hansmuff: It’s counter-intuitive but works.

I did this back in the Win2k days Tue Feb 13, 7: For example, in Prey or CS if there are some enemies in the next room making noise, you’ll hear them quieter or not at all.


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It did for sound what the Voodoo did for graphics, and what the Gravis Ultrasound previously did vortes the SoundBlaster. The reference drivers should not be used with these sound card as you will lose support for the addon boards: The version is 2.

Originally posted by pumkinut: I’ve never yet assigned an IRQ to a sound card in the bios.

Im running a dual boot pc, windows aueal and 98se i downloaded the driver from vogons but it extracts and then nothing happens after that in windows 98se. After a while, sound cut out and video playback would halt every few seconds. I looked everywhere for drivers and they were all for win2k or Windows 98 wow.

Fortex also seems to go slightly against the assertion that EAX3. I now use an Audigy 2 ZS. Ars Scholae Palatinae et Subscriptor. Not trolling for flamebait here, I’m genuinely interested to hear what people think of EAX3 in gaming.

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Vortex Advantage reference drivers Check the Frequently Asked Questions if you don’t know which chipset your sound card uses. None of my systems pre my P4Pdlx have intel chipsets, so that might explain it. Turtle Beach Montego with digital or optical add-on boards. You can get the driver from here: That’s hard to do because a lot of what you end up hearing depends vorgex how the game uses said technology. I saw some betas, I saw some reference to a “hack” on Vortex of Vortex site that is long dead I’ve read that the issues with the Vortex 2 drivers were pretty much solved with Windows XP As for Creative being the anti-christ, it used to vex me, but enough time has elapsed that I don’t really give a toss any more.


Based on the Aureal A3D 2.