The customer needed to implement a PDF SDK product in a web server deployment that had the performance, stability, and scalability to service such a large dispersed user base. I found the SDK easy to follow and the coding that was required was minimal. We knew BCL is a solid company. You can digitally sign your documents to verify that you created them. How to Create PDF.

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Chris Babiasz, Senior Software Engineer.

The software can then either automatically sequence the zones into a natural reading order or allow users to fine tune or re-sequence or both them using a zone editor before outputting them to searchable, downloadable, SEC-compliant HTML 3. The company has more thanemployees and operates in 25 eash. In-memory PDF decryption and encryption support.

BCL easy PDF Printer : Create PDF from any document including Word.

Because users can employ the zone editor to either fine tune or re-sequence or both the zones before a document is converted, Donnelley Jade allows for a great degree of control over the output without having to resort to an HTML editor to refine the document’s final appearance.

Additional navigation features were added to further facilitate the searching process. Byit was evident that SONY needed a method to help make their documentation readable and easier to view.

Although accurate and precise in displaying the document, these PDF files are not compatible with IBM’s existing document management systems. Promote printr software, or other illegal content.


Through Abbott Search, an end-user would be able to search for a particular term or word within a PDF document. Sexually explicit or offensive language.

In Microsoft Word, the program also installs a new toolbar that provides a dpf extra options linked to Word formatting. This meant that objects such as graphics, tables and paragraphs, while defined in other document-authoring packages, were simply a collection of text items in PDF. If this interference could be removed, then EasyPDF would deserve five stars. A free plug is fine for a free program, but if your hoping to use this freeware to produce profession documents then forget it.

We knew BCL is a solid company.

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Each zone consists of a single element — a graphic, piece of text, list or table. Furthermore, the average document size ranged from to pages, so it was counterproductive to require users to print the schematics and physically highlight the connections. The posting of advertisements, profanity, or personal attacks is prohibited.

None were as easy to use and as easy to integrate. Printre can allow psf, print, copy, modification and annotation capability with PDF bit or bit security. Reply to this review Was this review helpful? For research, education and market information, Rogers Medical Intelligence Solutions is the source for clinical information.

Moreover, because of the rich graphical layouts of many print products, Infosis required a cost-effective data extraction tool that would allow them to graphically define regions on the surface of a page, extracting the content just from that region. Some only converted from MS Office and not very well. Unlock Hidden Financial Data Getting to the information you need from a company’s financial reports can be daunting, especially when the data is hidden.


BCL easy PDF Printer Quick Start

Download the free trial to see it for yourself. It would queue users starting after just 4 users, and additional users would start experiencing long queuing times and time-outs. Conversion of Office documents to PDF in server environments without an interactive user.

Hyperlinks are embedded in each component, and clicking them will jump to the description and part number described later in the documentation.

Sort Date Most helpful Positive rating Negative rating. BCL has come up with a excellent converter. We searched for two months, Googled every site, evaluated all the PDF conversion tools out there. The company’s primary focus is in services that leverage the content and brand identity of existing print products, providing its clients a fast, cost-effective way to establish web presence and generate new revenue.

Extract text from PDF.

We even wrote our own.