There are five games added to the firmware! I hope if only readers will make that choice. Just the opposite, due to combination of merits, peculiar to all previous series of BeholdTV tuners, and new capabilities, uncovering the potential of hardware, we can talk about that these TV tuners will easily eclipse all available today PCI-E tuner models. At the same time, company launched at once two models — hybrid Wander and analog Voyage, both with FM-radio support. You may download plugins and view list of changes in our Downloads page. We may say for sure that in future we’ll see more than one extraodinary solution, which, probably, will be differently apprehended by public, but we are sure that this will be functional and high-quality product that has a great potentioal for the future…” 23 May In our Downloads page released driver version 4. Once spent the whole day with two Beholder TV tuners we’ve made a simple conclusion — this is very interesting function.

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Due to this rare ability, company succeeded to create products that covers requirements of very different categories of users: The first minus is a drawback with a stretch — web-sites are opened without a problems, and that’s a scope of tablet PCs.

MEDIA – Beholder – Behold TV 507 RDS Computer Driver Updates

There are also models without 3G module on the same platform, and they could be interesting for potential buyer — one may rarely encounter budget-priced solutions, that work good and don’t leave negative impression. In addition, Beholder always thoroughly thinks the launch of every product over. Beholder BeTAB breaks this rule. More… 14 March In our Downloads page released application software version 5.

SAA cards list — Linux Media Subsystem Documentation documentation

I’ve got information about start of development long enough, but, then it wasn’t clear enough what will be in the result. To its unique features it worth to attribute unusual but ergonomic design in retro style, presence of FM-radio on board, presence of video outputs along with inputs, and also possibility of upgrading beholdeer with full support by manufacturer over the Internet.


This novelty, no doubts, claims for something more. The same fate striked also video, texts and who knows what else — all is transfered to the digital formats.

Review on site Hwp. The only hybrid that from the beginning is intended for country with analog TV broadcast.

SAA cards list — The Linux Kernel documentation

In addition it worth to mention that it allows to listen to the radio — tds FM and DVB — and supports capturing from external analog video sources. What is attractive for modern customer in this compact standalone box that doesn’t require software installation?

After all, unlike many other manufacturers just copying reference-design from NXP and making the same tuners with their own logos, Beholder ought to integrate all its hardware and beholser technologies to the completely new platform.

You may read more about them in our Products page.

In essence, this is the nature of company Beholder that launches beholrer that have especially ponderable competitiveness. First certified Beholder production is offered by our trade partner from Bulgaria – Beholder Europe Ltd. Especially for those who likes to listen to the radio, working at the PC. More… 14 March In our Downloads page published new plugin.

Insignificant restrictions concern video in HD quality and only over the network, and some hard games, exigent to top performance of 3D engine, built into CPU. They ideally suit for those who for rrs reason is unable to look TV programs on common TV set.

Flexible application software allows to completely reveal all hardware capabilities of tuner and, at that time, has transparent and friendly interface. In connection to this, new products appear not so frequently, but every tuner has a long lifetime before phasing out, and support by driver and software updates. And get your information pool, without repeats, on any TV channel!


Be up on the news when watching MTV, Sport or Culture, change boring broadcaster to more interesting movie or what you like. Channels switch without clicks and annoing blinks, feature set is excellent. Review on site Reviews. As a rule, that are distant regions, far from provincial centers. Of course, we can’t treat cameras as an instrument for taking full value photograph, and the time of operation on accumulator is not outstanding, but good display, stable software, good set of interfaces and rather pleasant design cover these disadvantages.

So, if mentioned disadvantages are not important for you, you may easily buy Behold BeTAB — it worths the money it costs. So, Behold TV RDS — obvious favourite of our test… In hard receiving conditions not every tuner is capable to show clear image without noise.

The Devil, as known, is in the details, and there is a lot of details here. It may seem that company intentionally ignores this bus, and every new announce of Beholder tuner attracted our attention primarily by the interface — when PCI Express model will appear at last? At the same time, company launched at once two models — hybrid Wander and analog Voyage, both with FM-radio support.

But this doesn’t reduce their value in the product line of modern TV tuners.