On the butt end of the body are a USB port to connect to your PC, and a stereo jack for headphones or for use as a monitor line out. You have 30 days after install to get a free license for one of the virtual classic combo amps. If I were Behringer I’d add the headphones and a longer cord. For those of traditional computer and want to play guitar then there is good and cheap but will be more expensive by buying the right software that go far to exploit this guitar. The guitar can also be used with any traditional guitar amplifier. It would have been nice if Native Instruments gave you a simple drum machine as well but you can’t have everything.

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Near the rear strap button, you’ll find the USB output that gives you instant connectivity to your PC.

Our members also liked: Then you plug your stereo headphones into the guitar. Their service was very good. You are given 30 days to try ALL 3.

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It even has a built in tuner! About 35 years on and off the road.

I own a Fender Bullet special which is basically the same guitar body, but only with a single humbucker pickup. The frets are nicely dressed on top, but snaggy along the sides of the fretboard.


Each combo has various effects and amp simulations built in and all of them sound very nice.

Behringer iAXE393 USB Electric Guitar

You will have to choose the one that best meets guitag taste for the style of music you play. You may also like. Overall I’m very happy with it. For a cheap guitar, the iAXE is very well made.

Behringer includes a copy of the open source shareware program Audacity which is a fairly decent WAV recorder that mimics a 2 track tape machine.

A built-in headphone jack makes private jam sessions even easier. The guitar can also be used with any traditional guitar amplifier. However, we must imagine a USB sound card built into a guitar and it true that the latency is very low and the operation is related as related software. Perfect for the beginning guitarist or budding songwriter, the iax3e93 is a guitag choice for live playing or recording.

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NI Virtual Combo Amps sound great, and are great fun to play with. I tested it with Cubase and the sound isn’t quite professional but good enough for an amateur. It has standard volume and tone controls as well as a switch to select and mix the 3 pickups. Yikes, I’m 51 now. The other ub I didn’t like was the length of the USB cable they included. It sounds great this way. The kit comes bundled with a software subset of Native Instruments’ Guitar Rig product: I’ll try a USB cable with a ferrite cylinder and see if that helps.


The accompanying Native Instruments software manual is misleading. They really don’t give you much documentation on the Audacity so you will have to play with it a bit. They give you a key and you can activate the one you like best.

The machine heads don’t seem to be very durable but for the price you can buy one every couple of years! The point is that you behringsr use the USB cable to hook up your iAXE to any PC laptop or desktopslap on your headphones, and play all kinds of hot guitar sounds.

Everything becomes very interesting with Guitar Ring 2 brings such a variety and amazing quality but it will not forgot to put the noise reduction on the soft not to be invaded by a huge noise.

Guitar alone well worth the money.

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