And remove other annoying “stuff” in between posts? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted November 8, His struggle is distance off the tee. This allows engineers to reposition discretionary weight inside the clubhead to improve flight and forgiveness. Put it this way: By iacas , January 2, in Golf Talk.

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It’s extremely forgiving and long IMO. Posted 18 April – Posted 30 April – On another note, we will say it took a few swings to acclimate to the inch shaft, since not only do you have to adjust your setup especially djablo you normally play a inch or less shaftbut you also have to flatten your swing a bit. The octane’s face felt softer to me which is something i like.

Callaway Diablo Octane Tour Driver – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

I just can’t get used to the 46″ driver, who ever makes it. That’s a big spread, but I played with Titleist Pro-V1’s got them as a birthday gift during the first round, and with Titleist Velocity yesterday. Middletown, Connecticut Ebay ID: No alignment aid on the Tour model; longer shaft is awkward. Posted 14 June – Want to join this community?

Since you’re a righty you can probably pick up some other heads really cheap as well.


So far, for me, these clubs have worked out even better than I had hoped. On center hits, it is at least 5 yards longer and even more on off center hits. When a club manufacturer sends you an email requesting your address so they can send you their latest driver for a comprehensive review, how should it be written?

But we will say that, for some reason, our mis-hits tended to fly more to the left than to the right. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant.

I’ve been to the world HQ shadt Carlsbad for fittings, the ball and club making caklaway, and even had a chance to work with their legal folks as a non-employee for a short time. I have the Octane and really wanted to purchase a Razor Fit because I am not crazy about the looks of the head on the Octane.

We Tried It: Callaway RAZR & Diablo Octane Drivers

The problem I have is drawing my driver consistantly. Posted 17 March – Do me a favor Those are my specs, and I can’t get them right now.

Prev 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. Club is a little longer than standard which suited me as I am over 6ft so didn’t need any custom fitting.

And that folks, is just the beginning”. Whatever driver happens to be working at the time Some random 3 wood My same, old irons A few wedges I needed to replace my ft-iq with a driver with a 9.


Maybe not a direct comparison, but at least it contained information about the diablos as well. We hit the ball a long way with both clubheads, with the standard model producing the expected higher ballflight than the Tour model.

We Tried It: Callaway RAZR & Diablo Octane Drivers – Golf Tips Magazine

Temptation to go driver shopping is rising. Doablo overnight, what once was golf’s most difficult club to hit the driver quickly became the easiest and most coveted not to mention most marketed club in the bag.

With the Diablo Octane Tour, the ball flew in a high but much more boring trajectory than the standard model—making it ideal for big hitters with faster-than-average swing speeds.

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Through two rounds now, Dialbo found the Diablo to be yards longer than my old driver.