This is largely based on how many tailors you have deliberately driving prices lower, often so that they can make a high profit from bags and beat out the competition. They smell bad, but they’re okay. If you want to prolong the linen cloth phase, try leveling in one area like the Barrens, but instead of moving on around level 20, power yourself through quests in other areas, like Silverpine Forest. Again, there are some great herbs in that area. It’s impossible to get good help nowadays.

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Why, ye stinkin’ wench, how dare ye! Outward Appearance – Striking Red Hair.

Baldur’s Gate 2 Quests

It can be used to make 10 slot bags. Robots are learning to carefully peel lettuce leaves.

The last time I saw you exert yourself over anything was the last slab of pork in an inn. Forgot your username or password? Why would I want to be on the grill?

Might as well get some money and phat loots along the way right? Create new account Request new password. That Gorion of yers would be proud. Still, it is needed in great quantities for bandages, reputation, and tailoring.


Bloodscalp Headhunter | WoWWiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Keep up with my keen axe as it flies towards yer head, more like! Two birds with one stone. Key Areas The Legashi satyrs of Azshara drop felcloth at about 0.

In addition, the evil Blood Elves at Firewing Point, the Bonechewer Orcs south of there, and any of the Arakkoa will carry the runecloth. I’d be startled if a drunk dwarven oaf like yourself could blooddscalp the broad side of a barn with your axe. Dungeons Ragefire Chasm has very high drop rates. You might also try the Terrorfiends in the Pools of Aggonar. Though it’d be like splittin’ a hair, skinny as ye are! It is most likely bkoodscalp was here that he was taught bloodscqlp to hunt and stalk his prey through the dense jungles.

The pink cloth doesn’t seem like it should appeal, but hey; to each his own. Cloth is like the gathering profession for everyone. Sign up for free!

Bloodscalp Speaker

This week’s Insider Trader will be going in-depth into the world of farming for cloth, and tackling the following issues: You’re nothing but a boil needing lancing!


The dwarves outside of Uldaman carry a fair amount of silk.

Unfortunately, this area can be heavily farmed. The demons south of Satyrnaar also collect silk. I also liked farming slavve Wastewander mobs. Find a friend or guildie to either accompany you, or carry on a conversation with you.

Me, I’m not crazy. So I suppose the Slave Lords must fall a bit earlier then I had originally planed. The Timbermaw Deadwood furbolgs in southern Felwood are worth farming, not only for mageweave, but for the Timbermaw faction reputation and thus, rewards.

I think you’ll all make a tasty snack! It would appear that for most of his early life Arohk was raised by the Bloodscalp community based around the ruined city of Zul’kunda.

Throne of Bhaal Baldur’s Gate: Runecloth Welcome to the wonderful world of 14 slot bags!