Be Sociable, Share this! So i can’t find out what the silver partition is for?. Other than that, try restarting your machine and checking to see if there are any flags in the security settings that you need to allow. If I have more than one hard drive, can I install Microsoft Windows on any drive? Click the folder icon just to the right of the dropdown menu. If it can be easily found in this link Apple Bootcamp drivers If it cannot be found, follow this manual instruction to find.

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Then proceed with the installation. Hey Louie, Just wanted to know whether after installing W10 on your external drive you are still able to use it to store files in it like any other external drive.

Just accept it and move on. Download the driver to the Mac.

boot camp windows 7 from firewire drive?

Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me bootcmap Me too. One of the two will be used.

Restart your computer, holding the Opt key at the perfect moment!

By the time it reaches this point, it has already created the boot disk. You can download the app from the VirtualBox website. Have finally boktcamp able to install win 10 pro. You’ll quickly find yourself bogged down into some deep highly technical stuff that most sane people would say isn’t even remotely worth the effort.


Thank you for your interest in this question. Back to MacBooks forum 9 total posts. So I tried firewlre method and succeeded. It can be tricky to time it right.

Boot Camp / Win 7 issue on 2008 Mac Pro

Could you elaborate on how Bootcamp runs on an external drive. Go ahead and format the whole drive using the Format button, after selecting your external Thunderbolt partition. What these look like: I want to install Windows 7 on an external hard drive, and boot from it when needed.

How to install Windows on external hard drive. The official instructions explain this is not only not supported, but not achievable without modifying the code or the install steps. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Boot Camp Windows Support Software. So I have managed to get everything in the installation processes to work up until Windows Setup. Works well from an external drive and has the advantage that you can start the image from any computer that has the software installed.


The bootup process can take a while, so be patient. Windows 10 in vm is unable to identify the external ssd. I purchased a Thunderbolt to Firewire ffirewire with my new MacBook Airand a Firewire to Firewire cable, and the thing just didn’t work when I plugged it in.

I’ve used it to triple-boot before The process of preparing the USB flash drive will delete any data contained on the flash drive. It is possible, but it’s not straight forward.

Boot Camp / Win 7 issue on Mac Pro | MacRumors Forums

I tried this but made no difference. This one tip winxows help you sleep better tonight A few seconds are all you need to get a better night’s rest. How to install Windows on external hard drive To sum it up: But since that’s not the Real Deal it wasn’t an option for me.