It stretched over a few years. About the S-Version, the following I know for sure, because I was told so first hand by an Ex Telefunken Employee, who was at that time involved in this. You will find those limits of course in the data sheet. My sim check indicates errors. Hi, Got a schematic? C3o This is a 6,3V Version of C3m. This project can be fit in a normal chassie with height of 80mm like the GX by Hi-Fi

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Like this, they could use wire which is so exceptionally thin, as it was never possible before. C3g Siemens Order Nr: C3o This is a 6,3V Version of C3m. Then I’d reposition the c3t to the output of that stage and replay the music and take a photograph of the oscilloscope screen again.

C3g pentode/triode

Gurevise, Note Rp of C3g is not infinite! As far as a real-world screen regulator, a mosfet source follower – or pentode cathode follower, if you wish to avoid all silicone – will nail that sucker down really well. Take a normal Cathode pntode stage, and use this table.

Going further back to the ‘s, this had to be done with tube equipment. Any tube from However I can find no information about the “S”, other than what he told me, and other than what is on the tubes and tube boxes.


All these are brilliant candidates. You can glue the metal base on the tube. The phono end was however better.

The tubes were tested one by one, by hand, and many settings had to be made, before all parameters could be tested.

Zirconium getters can have various appearance. That is Euro.

C 3g, Tube C3g; Röhre C 3g ID, Vacuum Pentode

Dynamically, with varying signals, the relatively high ratio between “AC load” and “DC load” on the might not sound terribly wonderful. What to do, if you don’t like the metal cap? They can be used triode connected, but then gain comes down a lot, and the distortion increases to a level just below triodes like 6SN7. pentodde

I found the Funke W19 tester very reliable in picking out used tubes with good lifetime in it. Skip to content Sunday morning and my brain already started with a lot of activity early today. Any “S” versions are rare and expensive. Biz with primaries 2 x v and pentdoe 0- v 0.

C3g – Bartola® Valves

I have seen the original test tools for C3g and C3g-S selection myself, in Ulm. The anodes are open from the sides. Generally with C3m and C3g it can be said they have the gain of a pentode, and distortion same as only the finest triodes like E80CC. With an input level of 13mV rms we have about 2. Individual series number on each tube Let me bring to your attention, the C3g at it’s introduction in was the fist Frame grid tube, and it was not pentose commercially.


Just look at how nice the triode connected curves are. It is just like this when you look at a frame grid wit the bare eye. Just as a long-time user C3g as driver. Most have a banderols on it, with a series number, but not all of them have this.

The result is incredible. Any Gm test pentore a random plate current, such as you would get with fixed bias, is indeed just something random, and little more than that. The idea of an auto bias test is NOT to find all tube parameters. However C3m will give that low distortion at a gain of