Gary 8 years ago. Mike 8 years ago. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. With all testers but Ridge posting distance scores in the 90s, and two testers climbing above 97, we knew when the final distance numbers were tallied, the result would be impressive. Has anyone else had the paint chip? Tony believes that golfers deserve to know what’s real and what’s not, and that means MyGolfSpy’s equipment coverage must extend beyond the so-called facts as dictated by the same companies that created them. I just bought the Razr hawk never used it hearing about the paint chipping is a really bummer eh.

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We heard similar sentiments numerous times during our testing.

Callaway RAZR Hawk Draw Driver

Each club would have to be spec checked for loft,lie and length if your doing a head to head test obviously. AccuFlex Lie Angle Dexterity: Like most of us know Hadk has been maxed for a while now.

Our survey indicated a nearly identical sentiment. Callaway responded within minutes to basically let me know the drivers were on the way. We accept credit cards through PayPal. I was very skeptical at first thinking I had just paid more than a couple hundred for a club that would haek help my shots going right. Our formulas say dtaw Callaway RAZR Hawk is an extremely forgiving driver, although not all of our testers shared our findings.


Callaway RAZR Hawk Driver Review – !

Mar 27, 16 Comments. They suggested magic marker or a trade for a new one with a charge. Once again, we saw a couple of 10s, and a handful of 9s.

But, the kicker, I am not the strongest golfer, age 68 with 88 mph swing speed but I know I got at least 10 more yards with this driver—previous driver was Ping G15 which I still think is a fantastic club. Oh boy…first, this club is very forgiving. Head Ladies New Regular.

Tailgate 8 years ago. On the low end, was our senior tester, Ridge, who limited his misses to just under 9 yards.

If I had to pay for a driver. Whatever the reason for it, if the Callaway designers filled it in, and smoothed it out, I think the club would look much sharper, and the 6s and 7s we saw would probably be replaced by 8s and 9s.

That said, as I indicated above, what really impresses me is the consistency of this club across the face. Based on my conversations with our golfers during our test sessions, I thought the subjective portion of the scoring was actually going to flush out a bit higher especially considering the LOP score. Mine was the only 10, and because rasr trim at both ends, it disappeared along with the lone 4 on the low end. caklaway


Somewhat disappointingly, Callaway, as they have in years passed, has fallaway a one shaft fits all approach with their stock offering. Based callawa a golf magazine review late summer I tried the Callaway Razr Hawk driver. Forgiveness can only take you sraw far, after that, the only real options are a better swing, or magic. But there may be other ways to make the ball go further like, lighter heads, differrent head shapes or lighter materials or lighter shafts to generate faster club nawk speeds?

A PayPal account is not required in order to donate. The first ball that I hit with it was high up on the face of the driver at no time did the ball contact the top paint on the driver causing the paint to chip from the top of the driver. Mild marks; a few scratches or nicks possible. Dec 13, 44 Comments. Did notice any added length. GolfSpy T 8 years ago. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Forged Composite is lighter and stronger than titanium. Callaway Razr Hawk Draw Driver