A typical, frequently seen disadvantage of netbooks and small sized subnotebooks is the small keyboard that only allows touch typing with an especially cramped hand posture. The temperatures are also kept within a limit, at least in office mode. You will find the model number on a sticker or rating plate. A huge contradition, in our opinion. However this should be more than enough to watch a film of ordinary length. That what the benchmark objectively showed unambiguously, is also subjectively felt in daily use. Please, switch off ad blockers.

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Review Chiligreen X7 Outdoor-Notebook.

ChiliGreen Laptop Parts

Here we could reach an acceptable minutes in the practical test. But this level will not normally be reached during ordinary usage.

The reflective glare surface is also not optimal for a planned outdoor notebook chilligreen. Already minute changes in the viewing angle can cause image deviations.

Chiligreen Mobilitas OV0789

Only when the system is continuously overburdened does the temperature climb to 38 degrees on the top side and Somewhat unusually for a ‘rugged’ laptop, Chiligreen have done without the traditional locking mechanismusing instead two ciligreen built-in hooks on the left and right of the display mounting, to protect against shearing forces which could act on the laptop when dropped.

Calls to contact centres may be monitored or recorded. The typing chiligreeen is also good, whereby extensive writing tasks can be executed with the notebook without further ado. Performance is geared towards simple office usage such as word processing and web surfing. Lots of business notebooks have robust casing, some surviving drops of up to one metre in testing. And surface temperatures also stay within the green zone. The Chiligreen X7 has two speakers integrated into the lid just below the screen.


After calibrating the display with the Spyder 3 Elite tool from Datacolor, this observation was confirmed.

Review ECS Elitegroup I30IL – Chiligreen Platinum SE – Reviews

The additional value of the This can usually be found on the base, chiligrreen or back of the device. With that, the maximum of which the 32 bit version of Windows 7 can work with has been used. Unfortunately, the finished surfaced are also connected to disadvantages, Even if the device can be described as overall quiet, a SSD would have definitely revaluated this point. We struggled with the large dead zone in the key’s center area in the test.

The design as well as the workmanship do leave something to be desired, although naturally the first of these is a matter of taste.

The accessories included in the purchase are impressively comprehensive. This proves to be fairly unreasonable especially in the touchpad area, which has pretty much the same surface as the surrounding case. The fan runs constantly anyway and rejects warm air from inside to out. The Chiligreen Platinum SE chkligreen pleasantly quiet but still audible in idle and in office mode at low load. And it does succeed, with the case withstanding pressure very well.


chiligrsen To find out what cookies we use and why we use them click here. With a low demand on the system, the underside of the laptop reached a maximum temperature of 38 degrees Celsius and up to 36 degrees on the top side, both respectable values.

The optical slimness-effect is even more enhanced by the edges converging narrowly around the notebook. Now, Chiligreen has produced a reasonably alptop laptop with a specially reinforced case, with the aim of offering relatively robust notebooks to this market too.

Competition comes more from inexpensive business notebooks which also offer a degree of protection against vibrations and drops: At multitaskingthat is more than one application at the same time, you have to partly accept a major loss of speed.

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On the subject of being dropped: Classic “rugged” notebooks cannot really be found in this price range. Therefore, if you want to render movies with the Platinum SE in a respectable quality, you laptip urgently use good headphones or an external sound system. The maximum volume is excellent, although at this volume some sound distortions do occur.

If you can come to terms with short waiting times every now and again, especially at multitaskingthe supplied hardware suffices in any case.