Summer Time is applied to many countries around the world, which enables you to use up the extended day time of summer. This is an installation guide for DigiNet user. Data of possible disk space, allocation status for each drive will be shown. If the sum of the value exceeds , the value will be adjusted automatically. Click here to use Beep Sound Occurrence. This is to adjust brightness of stored image [Contrast] This is to adjust darkness of black and white shade. A pop up menu will appear on the right hand side when you click [Copy].

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Improved Backup Scheme DigiNet 5. If you need to set minutes too, double click on corresponding time and you will see a picture that looks just like below.

Posted December 9, In order to connect to a site, a user should enter groups, site codes, phone numbers, installation sites and passwords and put them on the connection list after selecting [Add]. Avoid any ddiginet that may shake the product Use the product in areas where it ventilates well.

Selected camera number will be indicated by darker color as shown below. If there are a few cameras, you can separate by comma.

jodicom Once verification is completed windows similar to those below will appear. If the time was set after the present time, backup will not work when you select [OK] button.


KODICOM DigiNet Center(v4.100) User Guide DigiNet.

Audio playback does not work on searching on multiple channels. Input the position of the starting point in Pan and Tilt. Skip and delay cannot be used with audio play back When changing the mode from the Monitoring Mode to the Searching Mode, the mic will automatically become mute.

Also, it may not recovered automatically. A pop up menu will appear if you click [Simple mode] on the right hand side of corner.

KODICOM DigiNet Center(v) User Guide DigiNet. – ppt download

In order to use 2Way audio function, above information should be applied to Remote and site simultaneously. Remote Backup Server program supports unlimited multi-connection and data transmission from connected site can be backup simultaneously. If an AVI backup is going to be made, the cameras to be included should be selected on dgiinet search screen prior to clicking the red backup diginwt.

This is especially used when the color of stored image looks unusual. Once a user selects an emergency message displayed on an emergency message display window and then selects [Center], Center program is directly executed and a connection to a related site becomes available.

Selecting [Ok] button will end the Bookmark function and it will go back to search screen.

A user can register connection information of individual sites or a group of sites or combination of them. When the site program is installed, the WebDVR program is also installed. However, there might be cases that you need to setup manually when there are a few dial-up servers depending on the IDSN modem. Please check to see if the connection works well between center and site after installation.


After choosing day and time from selected camera, selecting more than 1 record mode will change selected time setup within selected time.

Kodicom DigiNet DigiNet Site(V4.100) User Guide

When basically printing, image size will depends on the zoomed out size on the screen If it does not print 1. Wait until the processing work is done; start the backup after current backup and waiting data have finished their backup.

Configuring Surveillance mode 2. A pop up menu will appear on the right hand side when you click [Copy]. I am trying to make sure all works properly before I purchase. Ensure enough space for the cables at the rear of the system. Light and alarm speaker can be selected from list of the controller type. Transmission camera is set when number is pressed, and Emergency Monitor must be running for the PC that has center program installed. When there is activity on the channel the button for the channel flickers.

You can assign the external sensor number.