Make sure that the paper stack fits under the arrow mark inside the edge guide. Print quality does not improve after head cleaning If the quality of your printouts remains poor even after repeatedly cleaning and aligning the print head, one or some of the ink cartridges may be old or damaged and should be replaced. The Preview dialog box contains several icon buttons that you can use to perform the following functions. Remove the new ink cartridge from its protective bag. The printer may not function properly or at all if you use third party ink cartridges. The printer software screens that appear in this procedure are for Windows 98 and

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If you select Print Time, a dialog box appears, allowing you to specify the date and time that the document will be printed. Turn on the printer. EPSON Status Monitor 3 stylhs a graphic display of the amount of ink remaining, and an estimate of the number of pages that can be printed before ink runs out.

Epson Stylus C41 Series User Manual

Select the Share this Printer check box, and then type the printer name and password information as necessary. Pull out the output tray. Click OK to close the printer driver setting dialog. For each pattern, select the corresponding line number from the appropriate drop-down list box in the Print Head Alignment dialog box, and then click Finish to put the new settings into effect.


When the P power light stops flashing, click the Confirmation button sreies the Head Cleaning dialog box to print a nozzle check pattern and to reset the cleaning cycle.

Making The Printer Driver Settings 3.


You can seriws in various formats, or can print using many different types of paper. The product numbers of ink cartridges may vary by location. EPSON disclaims any and all rights in those marks.

The table below shows the factors related to print speed only. If the printer sounds like it is trying to print, but is unable to, run the Head Cleaning utility. When loading special media distributed by EPSON, read the instruction sheets packed with the media first and keep the following points in mind.

Do not shake the used ink cartridge; this can cause leakage. Remove the new ink cartridge from its protective bag.

For example, you can put “Confidential” Press the maintenance button. You must remove the yellow tape seal from the cartridge before installing it; otherwise, the cartridge will become unusable and you will be unable to print.

For users of Mac OS 9 or earlier 1. Media Type Settings The Media Type setting determines what other settings are available, so you should always make seeies setting first. Overview Specs Consumables Downloads. Printer Software Installation For details about your computer, contact your dealer. Obtain a replacement black T or color T ink cartridge. On when the paper is jammed.


When storing or transporting the printer, do not tilt it, put it vertically or turn it upside down; otherwise, ink may leak from the cartridge. When a text watermark is selected in the Name list, you can edit the text or change the font and text style by clicking the Edit Text button. Previewing your printout Select the Print Preview check box on the Main menu when you want to preview your document before printing.

Check the label on the back of the printer for the voltage of your printer. The paper is not curled or creased. Page 70 Making Poster settings A single document page can be enlarged to cover 4, 9, or 16 printed sheets of paper. The black or color ink Obtain a replacement black cartridge is nearly T or color T ink empty.

Choose the appropriate one for your printing. By default, you can choose from the following: