We will combine multiple items in one shipment whenever possible to save on shipping time. Duration The duration for Keycard Types Employee Section will determine how long a keycard will be valid from the day it is issued. There are two methods for accomplishing this depending on whether you want to assign Common Doors to individual locks or to Lock Groups. To disable the windows password you must replace the existing password with an empty password. If you want to select all locks, it is not necessary to shade any of them. In the example, the bellboy Keycard Type should be marked to interrelate to itself. Interrelates to itself one-shot check box If you check this, the keycard will override itself.

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The domain name system server DNS server translates human-readable hostnames into corresponding IP addresses. Before the LockLink installation can start, a few steps must be done to prepare the installation. Install TweakUI then use Help for instructions. Moves all of the items to the list on the left.

KDE KDT-4902 VingCard Encoder P/N: 99444902

Page 29 VingCard Vision 4. Default Any Common Est-44932 that are set to “On” will automatically be selected when keycards are issued. The only indication to insert a keycard for encoding, is the green light on the encoder. Basic System Operations One of the main advantages of the Vision system is the ability to encode of keycards to assign new access as well as to automatically remove access from older keycards. The changes you make will affect all workstations using this same Vision database.


Then the Random or Sequential Fail-safe keycard is inserted. Fail-safe keycards Sequential and Fail-safe Programming keycards are pre-made keycards, created so that if the computer ever goes down, you can use them as guest keycards. If you download information on a room that already exists on the list, LockLink will ask if you want to override the existing entry.

You can change the settings if you wish via the Button Assignment drop down control to match your own preferences. On the Events screen, press New. Log into the encoder’s Admin uab when following fst-4932 described procedures:.

Click on the drop down list and select a Lock Group. Select the Keycard Type you want to create a User Group for. Whenever the Log In screen displays, a valid password will be required for access to any of the Vision modules.

However, this is not a requirement. Page 6 VingCard Vision 4. The fail-safe Keycard Type, which is in the system by default, also has to be interrelated to all guest Keycard Types.

Mark the default possibility with a “d” next to the Time Table. Custom Locks can be set to work in Internal Control Mode which will automatically cause them to become unlocked or locked at predetermined times of the day see Chapter 2 for an explanation of Lock Modes. You can have up to 30 of these Keycard Types with each sharing the same Override Criteria and general access capabilities.


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Default Length of Stay The default length of stay in days determines the default check-out date based on the check- in date. The installation of Microsoft ActiveSync is now complete.

If lock-group has “Prevent Passage Mode” flag checked, then all locks, belonging to such group, will always stay in normal mode. Then, only new guests will be able to open the door.

VingCard Est-4932 Magnetic IC Stripe Key Card System KDE Mulitrack Reader Writer

Ksb guest keycard becomes invalid — A guest keycard normally becomes invalid in one of these three ways: Available Hooks All of the possible hooks for guests will be displayed. I was very happy with the produ Network Mask Es-4932 called the subnet mask, this value denotes a range of IP addresses. DST information is written to each Smartcard produced, and when these are used in esr-4932 lock they transfer the information to the lock.

Range from Type a starting number for the new lock names. This is done for security purposes, so that the LockLink cannot open doors without proper authorization. Click on it and then select a section from the window on the right. Programming Fail-safe keycards expire 2 years from the date they were created.