If the transfer is interrupted, turn off the GPS and then turn it back on. Added ‘Select Map’ option for Address and Intersection searching. ExpertGPS comes preloaded with all the line patterns and cartographic styles you need to draw highways, railroad tracks, transmission lines, streams, and more. Calculate area by marking GPS waypoints at the corners of a field or parcel. This ability to toggle back-and-forth between several views of your GPS data is unique to ExpertGPS, and is one of its most popular features.

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ExpertGPS will save you hours on this one task alone!

Garmin: GPSMAP 76C Updates & Downloads

Added German tide support. Fixed problem where waypoints could not be saved in certain areas of BlueChart maps. They can then download as much data as possible onto their GPS leaving some room for GPS data collection out in the field.

All RinoAstro, and Alpha radio trackers. Made the way intermittent water areas are drawn more visible. Improved support for Macintosh USB. You can spend hundreds of dollars on dedicated camera hardware and cables to geotag your photos. Enter coordinates in any format, in any datum.


Fixed problem with displaying ‘Waypoint At Destination’ while doing a tracback. All Forerunner models; most Garmin watches. Fixed problem where excessive track points could be recorded.


Garmin GPSMAP 76C | eBay

Corrected problems with the automatic closing feature of the Turn Preview page when using German or Italian languages. Corrected intermittent USB data transfer. ExpertGPS does it automatically. This program compresses the data to allow for a faster download of the needed files.

Corrected baud rate for RTCM communications mode.

Garmin GPSMAP 76C

Calculate area by marking GPS waypoints at the corners of a field or parcel. Fixed a potential problem where the wrong number of bytes could 7c6 sent for USB get requests. Locate the downloaded file and double-click on it. Increased the precision of the ‘project waypoint distance’ field. Prevents long idle times during power save GPS mode. Fixed problem where waypoint depth was not being saved as invalid when it was unknown.

Presents only relevant cities as choices given during address or intersection searches. Fixed problem where compass pointer could transition to the next turn too quickly.

Be sure to note where the un-zipped files are going to allow you to find them! Improved WAAS search and selection process to be smarter in its handling of multiple SBAS service providers, overlapping service volumes, and exceptional conditions. As you move over the map, the current township, range, and section is displayed.


Fixed shutdown caused by viewing some marine light points. All of your data is automatically reprojected to 76x new format and datum. Corrected track log filtering. With ExpertGPS, you’ll be able to view all of your hiking trips over the aerial photos in Google Earth, showing exactly where you went.

Updates & Downloads

If the transfer is interrupted, turn off the GPS and then turn it back on. Disruptions to the update process may render your GPS inoperable. How long would it take you to enter all of those waypoints by hand into your GPS? ExpertGPS lets you quickly view, change, or batch-edit your photo metadata. Turn the GPS on.