Below is the listing which goes with the Registry Key.. The touch keyboard can be auto-invoked. If you choose to hide the prompt, the mode is not switched. Here are the possible values bit index values:. ViewManagement; public sealed partial class MainPage:

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If no value is specified, the default value is 1, where the system will be prompted to switch modes. The touch keyboard can be auto-invoked.

You might face this issue if there might be some issues with the touch screen drivers. Choose the type you’d like to provide: It uses the left most pin header, labeled JA1as shown in this image.

Llaptop Store apps and Win32 apps can optimize their layout to be touch-first when in tablet mode.

Gpio Laptop Or Slate Indicator Driver Download

If you are designing a 2-in-1 device that is a convertible or detachable, we recommend you go through the following flow chart when designing your product. My Computer Computer Type: The taskbar lapop where it was positioned. Finally my PC got up to speed! Do you see any error message when you try to use the touch features?

I will suggest you to try and update the touch screen drivers and check for the resolution. New 17 Nov 8. You also use this setting for features such as retail demo mode to specify the most suitable demo content for the device type.


First try to run Hardware and Device troubleshooter. Method 3 – Use unattend setting to declare the permanent device state If your device is not a 2-in-1 device, for example a regular laptop or desktop, you can disable prompting using the ConvertibleSlateModePromptPreference setting in your answer file.

A zero value in the bit mask indicates the button is not pressed during the time interval. Wrappers; using namespace Microsoft:: There are 30 possible values.

Are there plans for enabling a scenario where the system would have tablet mode enabled or disabled automatically based on the laptop or slate mode reported by the system, without showing any confirmation to the end customer?

This option requires no OS understanding.

ASUS Touchscreen not functioning – Microsoft Community

SetChannel with 00 to latpop back to the control channel will receive the data. For all I know, you may have to do some calibration which might be very involved or may just need you moving your system into different orientations indicatlr the sensors can self calibrate You specify the DeviceForm setting so that a variety of apps for example, Bing and Cortana can determine the correct content for the specified device form factor.

WriteData with pauses all test modules.


This document describes how to implement tablet mode on 2-in-1 devices and tablets, specifically how to switch in and out of “tablet mode. You can implement a Bluetooth detachable design by toggling ConvertibleSlateMode at the appropriate time.

The user can close apps, even Win32 apps, by swiping down from the top edge. Schematic of an output pin on the GPIO board.

ASUS Touchscreen not functioning

OEM-pinned notification icons will be hidden, user-pinned notification icons will be hidden, and the overflow chevron will be hidden, effectively hiding the overflow window. The touchscreen on the laptop has always been iffy, but restarting has always fixed the problem. Using these APIs, you can tailor the user experience of your app to be touch-first for tablet mode or mouse-first for desktop lapptop.

No, screen rotation is not necessarily related ondicator tablet mode. We always want users to be in control and choose whether they want to switch the mode. I obviously don’t have much info which could help. How satisfied are you with this reply?