Copyright Universal Radio, Inc. If you still have not received your license key, please contact me via email at sales psredit. Please note however that a premium subscription to the RadioReference. To charge rechargeable batteries, you need to use the supplied AC adaptor. Prolific has, with their latest driver release, made their drivers incompatible with any but authentic chips. These drivers are available from the FTDI web site at http: If no matches are found, a one time error notification will be sent to that address.

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This simplifies the use of the program. The system will search the database for any licenses that have been registered to the email address provided.

Programming Cable Information

In most cases I will issue you a time limited license key to help you complete your evaluation. With the lack of serial ports on newer PCs these days, having to connect to a USB port is a necessary, but sometimes frustrating, evil.

When I enter my license key in the software, the program tells me that the key was valid and stored, but when I restart the program asks 3-03290 again for my key If prompted, allow the program to run as Administrator and enter the administrator password if required. I will do my best to answer your question as quickly as possible. Further requests for that email address will not receive any notice.

This button will bring up a screen that will allow the program to scan through all possible serial ports looking for the scanner. Copyright by RadioReference.


Programming Cable Information

Do not use the short adapter cable with these scanners, the cable will not work with the adapter in place. In order to use the direct cable access mode, which is the default mode, you must have the cable drivers version 2. At this point the program should start, enter the license 30-33290 information To verify the license information has been properly stored, exit the program and restart.

What is direct cable access 303-290 what are it’s advantages? Grf drivers are available from the FTDI web site at http: If you do not locate the license key email, please try the lost key process, which is available here. I’ve lost my license code, how can I recover it? If any are found, an email will be sent to that address with the license key information. Please note that your 30-390 period starts with the first time you run the application on your computer.

Uniden’s USB-1 cable, as well as cables provided by GRE and RadioShack use only authentic chipsets, and are more likely to include continued forward support. If you are having issues with these applications and their trial periods, please contact me at sales psredit.

It requires four AA cells not supplied. This email rge must be the email address used when you registered your license key. The software applications then take that data and format it to be compatible with the data needed. This scanner has a built-in charging circuit that lets you charge nickel-metal hydride Ni-MH or nickel cadmium Ni-CD rechargeable batteries not supplied while they are in the scanner.


Alternatively, you can navigate to the Serial port settings screen from the Configuration menu, gge select the COM Port option.

As of February 13, ger process of generating the license key has been automated. I’m getting a time out error when attempting to talk to the scanner. You can turn on the display’s backlight for easy viewing in the dark. This should be more than enough time to ensure that the software will do what you want it to do. License key emails will always come from keys psredit. How gee license keys issued?

The software requires that the correct serial port be set to communicate with the scanner. All PSREdit software programs have a 30 day free trial period.

To resolve this issue, start the program in Administrator mode as follows and enter the key information. As of February 13,your license key should be sent via email immediately after your purchase has been verified through PayPal. What email address will my license key come from?