The Treo was the first Treo to be rebranded as a Palm, Inc. It had a 4-bit grayscale 16 grays , backlit, monochrome display. As you probably know Handspring recently released the Visor Edge, in preparation for that review, and to kind of kick off some forthcoming series of Handspring reviews, Handspring has loaned Palm Infocenter a Visor Platinum for review. Apple iPhone 7 Plus 9. The module can then be removed and stored separately from your handheld.

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Handspring Visor Platinum

Handspring followed the Treo with the Treo 90 in April Apple iPhone 7 Plus 9. It’s an all silver except for the screen cover and stylus unfortunately Visor Deluxe on steroids.

In Juneduring the dot-com bubblethe company became a public company via an initial public offering. The display of all Visors measured 2. Handpring Visor Platinum was available only in a silver platinum or black colored shell, as opposed to the Visor Deluxe’s many color choices.

Now with Palm OS 3. Also, Handspring has added features to the Palm OS, like an advanced datebook, calculator, world handsspring, and built-in floating Also, you may be able to upgrade a Delux from OS3. The dimensions were 4. This new hardware has tested the PDA processing power and is pushing the limits of its abilities. I’m glad to be away from OS 3. This popularity has created a secondary market for accessories and hardware add-ons allowing the PDA to be turned into Global Positioning System GPStelephones, pagers, scanners, cameras, image projectors, and a wirelessly connection to the net.


Handspring Visor Platinum | Device Specs | PhoneDB

Any use of the word Palm is for discussion purposes and is a registered trademark of Palm Inc. Reading the newspapers on a pocket computer may be cool, but it means you keep the machine on instead of just flipping it into life to look up a phone number or enter an appointment.

If you register and pay for Afterburner, you can go as high as 45 MHz. Not sure if this was used or barely used. H on a 33 MHz Dragonball processor.

Expansion Slots 1 1 x Springboard Module. That to me is all the speed I need for now. This model had a lower price, with which Handspring was hoping to attract new users. The Treo 90 pioneered features such as a color screen and an SD card slot, which are found on all subsequent Treo models.

Most orders go out same or next business day Vksor you platinm looking and happy bidding! Of course 8Meg is still standard. The Springboard expansion slot provided GPS navigation, cameras, music players, cell phone service, and most of the functions of a “smart phone”. Plus, Handspring has added features to the Palm OS, like bandspring advanced datebook, calculator, world clock, and built-in floating Unauthorized use or reproduction of content is strictly forbidden.


Comments Closed This article is no longer accepting new comments. It used Handspring’s modified version of the Palm OS, version 3. Screen is in good shape—no cracks.

Please Login or register here to add your comments. I loved the speed aspect of it and the future possibilities it can bring. My Profile Log Out.

Some applications; however, check that your current applications will run under PalmOS 3. Included in the box are Handspring Visor Deluxe with hard removable plastic cover. I tem may show signs of wear, please let me know if I can provide more pictures. The items above are essentially the only difference between the Platinum and the Visor Deluxe, but boy do they make for a much nicer user experience.