I looked it up online: I also contacted HP online support email , they thought it was my ink cartridge as it is throwing error code and is still showing this error but that was not the problem. But it seems like there are no new drivers for this printer. You say that it is possible to get a test print. I inserted new ink cartridges black and color ,made sure the tape was off of the printheads. Have since installed SP2.

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Its not convenient to clean them without partially disassembling the mechanism.

HP Deskjet 812c – printer – color – ink-jet Series

I’ve just put in a new cartridge so not sure that the ink is the problem. Has it been humid or dry in the area where the unprinted checks are stored?

When you are using the Simple Green solution or the spray, how do you get to the areas that aren’t immediately visible? Envelopes, transparencies, deskjeg, plain paper, photo paper, banners, cards, glossy paper.

You should see all of the colors three-color cartridge: Its best to use “Distilled Water”, because it has less chemicals and minerals in it, than tap water and regular tap water can actually cause additional problems. I fixed that by turning the warnings off. And the instruction advises against installing the driver from the CD. However, it has been sitting idle for several months.


I thought that perhaps the black ink cartridge was out of ink and it defaulted to the color ink cartridge. Verify that ink can flow from the cartridge s by blotting the print nozzles on a damp paper towel a few times for two seconds. Microsoft offers deskket free antispyware software download.

If the problem coincided with the cartridges being refilled I would suspect the cartridges. Also clean the outside of the metal bushings with Q-Tips, that the carriage bar passes thru, on both sides of the holder assembly. Best headphone deals for Christmas: Bert you will not believe this.

Printer Media Media Load Type. There I just saved you some money: I don’t mind buying another cartridge if that will likely fix the problem. This problem doesn’t happen often but what a hewlftt. Thanks so much for any advice and help.

hp deskjet c | FixYourOwnPrinter

To eliminate a potential problem, clean the cartridge hewleft carriage electrical contacts with a cotton swab and alcohol. Del, if you want to unsubscribe to this thread, scroll down to the bottom of the email you get and there are unsubscribe isntructions. I have an hp Deskjet c.


Its best to use “Distilled Water”, because it has less chemicals and minerals in it, than tap water and regular tap water can actually cause additional problems Laser Service, Aviation Blvd. Letter A Size 8. The Vista operating system is times worse for warnings.

That usually results in the printer loosing track of just where the Print Cartridge Holder Assembly is actually at. When I print copies some of the words are cutt off on the right side.


It then keeps telling that assembly to keep moving and can even cause it to slam into the end of the printer, when it packarrd real dirty and dry. You’re helping so many people! I cannot print MS Word or Notepad documents. I returned it to the store and got a new one.

So, my suggestion is to install it from the CD and don’t lose any sleep over it.