In addition, the printer is connected via an HP Print Server which the Deskjet c connects using parallel cable. USB both print and scan worked out off box with Dapper. Have not tried with USB connection. Recommended PostScript driver did not work, but the hpijs driver worked perfectly. Lucid and Maverick recommend the hpijs driver during setup, Natty the hpcups, but both seem to work well. HP laserjet foo2jzs.

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Tested in several apps and everything looks ok. Printing and scanning works over ethernet.

Also works as a network share via Samba. USB both print and scan worked out off box with Dapper.

Set the “Color Mode” option to “Color”. Thanks for the hope!

USB auto-detection and set-up worked right out of the box. Am gonna try again tuesday 1st April! Tis the season for the Mefi Mall – shop fine products by Mefites!


Download and install driver from http: Partners Support Community Ubuntu. Both scanning and printing work on 6. Haven’t tested usb, but I believe it works too.

Help needed for a beginner installing LINUX drivers – hp deskjet C | Ask MetaFilter

Note that gnome-cups-manager sets only personal defaults. Printing at dpi results in really ugly printouts especially from firefox. Select printer as if it was hp If you’d still like to learn about how to open a terminal and perform actions in it, there’s documentation about that. Use HP OfficeJet series drivers. Have not tried with USB. The quality of the prints isn’t optimal. Ubuntu will usually recognize it and configure things.

Had to install hplip 3. Device driver hplip 2.

Please state the blindingly obvious ie. This thread is closed to new comments.

Bug#818706: hplip: HP DeskJet 840C – cannot print in greyscale

Try the hpijs 3. Have not tried with USB connection. It won’t print until you do this. Since everybody else has answered, I’d like to say that HP is pretty good about having linux drivers for it’s printers.


Works well for printing using ethernet.

I’m thinking the problem might be related to improper driver. Hook up the printer to the PC and turn it on. This was a network printer, I did not test with a direct connection. Printer regularly goes into a mode where all that will print is a page containing the error message “Unsupported Personality: Have not tried scanner.