Intel’s site says the board doesn’t support the OS – “drivers not available” But people here seem to be using it anyway. Hopefully I posted this in the right section! Oh well, like others on the forum, I’ve given up on trying to get all 8 SATA ports on this mobo recognized. I am a bit confused about the raid on this board. You can not post a blank message. Register a new account. Can you provide some reliability results for the different controllers using RAID1?

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My question has two parts. We would have never figured this out. We are not trying to prove anything other than which SATA controller on the motherboard performs the best and offers the most reliable solution.

Intel DXBX2 Desktop Motherboard Review :: Intel DXBX2 Features ::

Clearly in the given situation software RAID is not the favorable solution for many reasons. Yes, you can have different raid arrays from the two independent controllers Intel Matrix and Marvell.

Marvell SATA controller vs. You would know better than to use software RAID vs. Best regards, Matt Dralle Comparsion Table: Share this post Link to post. Sign in Already have an account? Nibiru Quick Scotty, beam me up!


Intel DXBX2 Marvell SATA driver needed for Windows 7 Needed

Is this just Marvelll avoiding the support cost wrt this desktop board, or are there known issues? Seriously, though, I would find it hard to believe that software RAID would be even marginally better or equal to even the hardware-assist RAID implementation, especially under Windows. Joined Jun 7, Messages 1 Reaction score 0. Why wouldn’t they just bond two ICH7R together for more ports?

Marvell is actually a partnership with Promise Technologies. Joined Oct 17, Messages 3, Reaction score These guys make a pretty solid product. Yeah, this sounds a lot like that Can the two raid drivers coexist? The bottom line is if you plan to use RAID 1 for your system disk, you will do well to use the Intel Matrix over the Marvell controller.

I read through some old posts and it appears they stopped working around 4. You cannot mix them together. Do you see any problems with this low-end server?


Joined Oct 27, Messages 4, Reaction score 1, The guide is pretty sketchy about e-sata and Marvell so I’m not sure how to proceed or if it’s even possible.

Joined Mar 8, Messages 5, Reaction score 1, Well here we go again Post by JasonH.

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From the document http: What size do you give them? I have resolved this issue on my dxbx2.

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I searched the Intel web site and did a fair amount margell the Google, but really came up with zero performance information on these controllers specifically relating to which one was better within the context of this particular motherboard. Sapphire Radeon HD Storage: Be helpful not hostile.