For example, if the EDITOR environment variable is set to emacs , invoke it from isql using emacs as the first word on a line. Changes the current database to dbname. When specified, login information is automatically encrypted when it is transmitted between components. Once Firebird has been installed, a file named aliases. This entry uses isql to discard any pending point. Specifies the number of rows to print between column headings.

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The default in isql is equivalent to set autoddl on. Enables setting the universal remote password remotepassword for clients accessing Adaptive Server.

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If you do not specify a timeout value, a command runs indefinitely. It causes the time portion to be displayed or not, when the selected data is a column defined with the DATE data type.

Specifies the maximum timeout value allowed when connecting to Adaptive Server. Iswl you do not specify -Iisql looks for an interfaces file, interfaces located in the Sybase release directory.

Command-line options for starting the SQL interactive interface

I would counsel this as general good practice, and it comes recommended by a friendly DBA I happen to know. WAIT – meaning that if a row in a table is currently locked by another session, the execution of the statement will appear to hang until the other session either commits or rolls back. When you specify the -F parameter, the server returns a iisql when it encounters a nonstandard SQL command.


R filename Reads an operating system file into the command buffer and then displays it.

When an output line reaches its maximum screen width, it breaks into multiple lines. Would you like to answer one of these unanswered questions instead? If you need to add your own database options, use the dbisql Interactive SQL utility instead. To use isql interactively, enter isql and any of the optional flags at your operating system prompt.

isql Interactive SQL Utility

Specifies the name of an operating system file to store the output from isql. If no parameter is supplied to the command, it toggles the current state of the heading display.

If the server cannot handle password encryption or extended password encryption, the first connection attempt fails isqll the client attempts to reconnect using a plain text password. In an isql session, isql recognizes:? Use -a with -J to specify the character set translation file. Used with – password ; specifies a user name when connecting to a remote server.

Specifies the defsult of the ObjectServer to which to connect. The syntax is slightly different for the two:.


Changes password without displaying the password entered. When you change the command terminator, do not use SQL reserved words or control characters.

File is overwritten if it exists.

Command-line options for starting the SQL interactive interface

Use this if the client and server use the same character set. This command applies to dialect 1 databases only.

The default is 1 for text sub-types. Specifies iisql character set to use on the client. The deafult for this command, if no parameters are passed, is to set BLOB data off – it will not be displayed, only the blob id will be shown.

I was able to get it to work by eliminating the following lines from my odbcinst. This command controls how the data returned by a select statement will be displayed. Note that on some POSIX systems, the example database may not be located in the location given above. It has no effect in other dialects. The default is on if you do not supply a value.