Then click Next and it should install the adapter drivers Message 5 of 8 2, Views. I bought this to replace the old one. Select the option Install it from a specific location and click Next, then select Include this location in Search and browse to the place where you have unzipped all the files and select the Driver folder and click O. Message 6 of 8 Views. I see references to these drivers on various sites but the links for th dirvers never work. Message 5 of 5 1, Views.

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Windows will copy more files to your computer. Can anyone help shed some light on this specific question?

Both blue lights went on, and blinked on again, but eventually the bottom light went back to red and stayed red. If this has not been changed, it will simply read “Linksys.

WPA2 is relatively new, and i doubt many cards support it right now. I cannot choose another type of encryption.

WPC54G – wpa2 support? |

Message 3 of 8 4, Views. Was this article helpful to you? I have heard, not officially that many not all? Message 6 of 8 Views.


I tried to install one today and got nowhere. I can connect with my router at home fine running the version 1 software. This doohickey does what it’s supposed to do. Please follow the instructions in KB article before you continue to step 2 below.

Installing and Configuring the Linksys WPC54G Wireless-G Notebook Adapter Manually

If that’s what they mean by “supports version 2 hardware” that’s unfortunate. It did not work on to different laptops, a Dell and a Wpw2. User reviews on www. Read the licensing agreement and click Next when finished.

You should now be able to browse the internet from your wireless connected computer. Then click Next and it should install the adapter drivers Is it possible to use a later version driver to obtain WPA support?

WRE54G–works with WPA2–Personal

Perhaps, the problem is that I need to wp2a the IP address of the wireless computer. Here’s the link I just used to find the V3 drivers: This device is not compatible with Macintosh computers. My only issue is that it appears to like only to use the Linksys monitor software instead of the Windows XP Wireless one.


spa2 What happened to version 3? This installation doesn’t install the software Linksys Monitor Check the light status on both the devices Keith Mackenzie May 9, Works like a charm!

I just like to be on the cutting edge of technology. Linksys GS adaptors will not connect when the host computer is running Win2K. Occasionally do you know if Adaptor 2, vorks with the driver 3.

When I tried to connect, I got an error message, Network cable unplugged, and the setup died. Dustyn Premium Member join: On the next screen you will fill out these fields: I downloaded and installed the driver and am up and running WPA2.