Have you tried bisecting it? To me it was interesting to read that the first bug was found using some tool cppcheck doing a static analysis of the code. I use Ubuntu BTW, I switched back to using the native driver with a perpetual ping. Which is “the other module”?

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TN 2 years ago. Fab 2 years ago.

It seems that your computer is offline. It seems that NetwokrManager was no longer build with wext support this is only done when the rpms are build on and fore a fedora system.

CONFIG_RTL8192CU: Realtek RTL8192CU/RTL8188CU USB Wireless Network Adapter

After trying many other fixes for my extremely slow wifi connection on Ubuntu I wish Rl8192cu could help. If rtl8xxxu gives you problems, try troubleshooting it before installing this driver.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have a problem, I entered the first step. Blog Random stuff… Comments Posts. Then rebooted, and no more problem! I suppose linkx these will get patched. WWAN hardware radio set enabled The wireless disconnected at about Has someone else faced the same problem?


I needed to do this on Fedora 24 Alpha Kernel 4. Vlad 1 year ago. Works great on Fedora 26! Still not working, however. The drivers are subtly different somewhere, but not in the parts that I read though and could understand.

rtlx – Debian Wiki

Ich habe ein problem ich den ersten schritt eingegeben. Per the Troubleshooting note here: Known things to look for are: BadriV 2 years ago.

WiFi hardware radio set enabled dec 25 Any idea what is missing from my compilation? Kannst du die Konsolenausgabe hier kopieren?

[SOLVED] bit, kernel , rtlcu, connected to wifi but no internet

This article has been a lifesaver for me, thank you so much! Kernel preparation unnecessary for this kernel.

Spartan 2 years ago. As of kernel 3.

Jerzy 2 years ago. The instructions worked great. Hello, I am able to get the cu driver to connect.

Check if the power management is on with iwconfig. Toggle navigation Adam Scheller’s Blog.