The user space applications allows you to control your computer with your remote control. You can even get better granularity by combing different commands copied from the config file for AnimaX remotes: If you update lircmd. Besides this LIRC supports basically any conceivable way to capture your data including serial devices, parallel ports, sound input etc. Receiving of IR signals already works. You should get something like this:

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UDP Driver

If you have received this e-mail in error or wish to read our e-mail disclaimer statement and monitoring policy, please refer to the statement below or contact the sender. The config file for lircmd is quite simple. As you can see irexec is a simple program launcher. That lets you keep a better overview of clients and simplifies the use of modes explained later. Ok, now a simple example for a.


By default for each remote signal received the. Supported remote controls There are some config files for remote controls at the remotes database. All programs should give you the possibility to use an alternative config file. Differences in the hdp of configurations in. But always remember that you have to modify both XF86Config and lircmd. Just put this section in your XF86Config file to use the mouse in addition to your normal one. If you want to use devices that use different user-space drivers then you have to compile LIRC once again using.


In order to check each lircd instance individually if events are being received, just use irw providing the according socket interface on the command line: If you don’t start all client programs at a time the mode they currently are in may differ between applications.

So try them all before trying another X11 version. All remote controls that udl supported by learning remote controls i. There are some situations when you might want to use multiple devices with LIRC simultaneously.

LIRC – Linux Infrared Remote Control

When addressed to our clients, any opinions or advice contained in this e-mail and any attachments are subject to the terms llirc conditions expressed in the governing Deloitte MCS Limited client engagement letter. When using key sequences a given remote is valid for all following buttons until you specify another remote.

To do this you need a file called. Sometimes this makes LIRC redundant. X11 and gpm Configuration of both is described here: But it does not really matter.

Instead you need a star topology setup. I also received some notes that lircmd does not work with certain X11 versions.

irtext2udp(1) — lirc — Debian experimental — Debian Manpages

The default for repeat is zero. I’m adding function comments to my local codebase as I work through it, to keep track of what goes on in each routine. A patch to add Avermedia TV98 support to lirc Colas Nahaboo’s X mouse wheel scroll page gives you further information how to make use of your new wheel mouse. Be aware that irexec will wait for the started program to finish, before it will resume it function. To prevent the execution of such “global” configurations you can place these at the end of the config file below all mode constructs and use the quit flag described below to stop execution of further configurations when a match happens inside a mode block.


So you can’t daisy-chain lircds. You can send X11 events to applications, start programs and much more on just one button press.

That way you can for example configure Netscape to scroll if you press certain buttons. In fact you don’t need to know anything about it except that it’s maybe the most important part of the package. Will –connect and the lifc protocol allow pushing data in this manner, or only pulling ie can the “remote” initiate the connection?