This way, the drive will slow down when playing a movie as the movie player does not require data to be delivered at a very fast rate and will read at the maximum speed when it is ripping as ripping software will request data as fast as it can. No matched drive detected! Please wait until the drive completes its initial pass before reporting problems; this is normal. My own personal thoughts on the search functions in forums not only this one is that they are tricky to deal with. Works with Windows Vista. It’s now even possible to use Google directly in this forum if you use the Google Custom Search window above the old forum search window.

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Lite-On DVDRW SHW-160P6S Plays Video But No Sound

Thus, when the drive is reset, the booktype setting will revert to the default setting i. Its technology enables the drive to learn a write strategy for unsupported media or for media where you are not satisfied with the quality of the burn when the regular strategy was used. Fuji, wake up and dump that product.

Medium Not Present E Well, I downloaded the driver and tried to llite-on it but I got an error message. Well I thought this was I guess the disadvantage would be no control over image duration and progression Please make use of the search function should the discussion topics for these tools not be readily available in the LiteOn subforum index.


If a firmware update that contains support for a certain media type is not available, you can add support for this unsupported media type yourself. The Western Digital Elements has rarely been this cheap.

LITE-ON SHWP6S resources and drivers

Starting in mid, LiteOn started to scramble all of the firmwares that they officially release. Are LiteOn burners good for backing up copy-protected discs? What Fujifilm thinking about See the above cvdrw for instructions.

I cannot get either sound or video when I run Windows Media player. Burned with Nero 6. If iTunes has problems recognizing CDs or hanging or crashing while importing or burning CDs, check the support site for the manufacturer sh-160p6s your computer or motherboard. It measures the writing quality while burning a disc and modifies it when necessary. It’s much easier to search through Google.

LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-160P6S resources, firmwares and drivers

Please keep in mind, however, that burning media above its rated speed may sometimes produce undesirable results. How do I read DVDs faster? Kaiser from United States, July 13, This level of protection is not carried out by software, but by the firmware, which checks this identification to make sure that the drive is not crossflashed. Brought it home and no problems. Instead, LiteOn drives have a feature called SMART-Xwhich lit-eon designed to automatically slow down the reading speed if data is requested at a slow rate.


Lite-On DVDRW SHWP6S Plays Video But No Sound | Tech Support Guy

The official flashers will also not allow you to downgrade your firmware e. The best pvs on laptops, sjw-160p6s, PCs, gaming and much more! BIN file without a firmware flasher, you can use either LtnFW Windows, easy-to-use, models prior to the 5S model, without a serial flash or MtkFlash DOS, harder-to-use, but can be used for dead drive recovery, models prior to the 5S model, without a serial flash or for drives with a serial flash 5S, 6S, etc.

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The same goes for disabling the functions. No matched drive detected! Unfortunately, there is no definitive way to tell whether your drive is a first generation or second generation. After you have enabled the options in SmartBurn you will need to open and close the tray to activate the functions.

Posted January 13, Works with Windows Vista.