Note here that no change was made in the reading mechanism of the drive as we confirmed with a number of tests. Friends system does not use ImgBurn, only Nero 6. If you could post the serial number from the bottom of the disk BillB, the one that ‘s very small and on the clear part of the hub and also nearest to the hub, not the one on the edge of the dye. BillB, I misunderstood that you were having trouble with Verb media, not Sony, hence why I asked for the serial. Latest on my problem: Posted October 7,

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I get an error saying this Up Grade is for xxx drive same number but still it won’t vvdrw. By the way, I did a search for this LiteOn drive and found out half the planet has the same problem. By the way, If you do a System Recovery to a earlier date, it also changes everything on the Slave HD, and you can lose everything. Although the Sonys played fine is this a new batch?


LiteOn SHWS |

It still stays at PIO. It may take a few days to get everything back up. Got feedback from Gateway saying they have no up grades for the Firmware. Important Information By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use. Reinstalled Nero from the Recovery Tool.

LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-1635S resources, firmwares and drivers

The DVD Decrypter burned in 1. As with all LiteOn drives, this one can be set to region free with the use of several utilities.

The Pioneer Lit-eon is an excellent drive and can be found quite cheap. I’ll have to check mine out when I get home this afternoon.

CD Error Correction Tests 4. DVD Recording Tests System I less than a year old. Thanks to all for all the help. FF Supported Write Speeds: Got lige-on from LiteOnIT. This question is for testing whether or not you are a human visitor and to prevent automated spam submissions.

The Nero test shows it in PIO.

Free Drivers For Lite-on Dvdrw Shws

Most all are counterfeit junk. Posted October 7, How long this will last I don’t know.

Before that, do you guys have any suggestions for an easier fix? In case you guys have more to add, I dvdfw do the recovery until Thursday.


free drivers for lite-on dvdrw shw-1635s

They both burned the DVD but it only plays on the computer not on my Sony disc player. Lige-on contacted Gateway for a Firmware up grade, but they offer no new versions. Leave this field blank. Your firmware sounds like it could be the Computer manufacturers firmware kite-on you might have to go to their website or I’d crossflash it to official liteon firmware. Too expensive for me! If you can find a BenQ or they too are excellent, and can also be used for quality scanning.

CD Recording Tests 9. I tried to buy a case,from Ti Yuden but they won’t cut case price deal. Last but not least, the package includes an extra black bezel front plateoffering a complete solution for both light and dark colored PC cases.