Increased the time granularity for real time decoding from seconds to milliseconds. Amount of tape used to write the data. Depending on the selected filter options on the top of the screen, different subsets of firmware files are presented. Enter the runscript command to display the Run Script screen. Enter the send command to send the report or support ticket by. When to run Average duration Other notes Available for Run this test if the results of a Device Analysis test recommend that you run this test. The entry for each firmware file includes the Firmware Lifecycle, which describes support status of the firmware file.

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These operations options are only available after you enter the necessary password. On the Firmware screen, click the Local Files tab, and then click the Get Files from Web button at the bottom identifu the tab.

HP Library and Tape Tools User Guide

Enter a range of drives separated with a dash for example: Identity Health Configuration Using a report or support ticket When installation is complete, the InstallShield wizard displays its final screen. Minipprt support personnel typically provide an address to users who are ing a support ticket as a result of a support call request. To download the latest firmware files: Hello Stephen, Could you miniporh check the cabling and the other things related to device scanning.


This feature is available for items preceded with the blue information icon information.

Specify enabled or disabled. This page shows host reported errors and is an alternative to using the current fault log. I recommend you going through it because it also highlights remedies to possible hiccups: Figure 22 Support ticket with embedded dataas shown To view the embedded data: A combination of tests can be run unattended. For more information about setting up an account, see How do I configure to send support tickets?

The test will not run with a tape that has been partitioned. To view release note information, click the product ID of the firmware file whose information you want to view, and then click Details.

HP Library and Tape Tools User Guide – PDF

Enter the type of drive for example: The failure error will indicate that a different instance of the installer is already running.

Most devices are only very briefly in this state, but some libraries can take a significant amount of time after power-up or after a firmware download before becoming ready.

If the firmware update is interrupted, the device may not operate and may require physical repair. For reliable operation, HP recommends that users read product advisories when they are available.

These two parameters are required; all other parameters are optional. The default is Normal. This test is destructive if the Test Type option is Overwrite and will overwrite data on the media that is present in your device. See Understanding LTO support tickets page The Troubleshoot button is enabled in all screens, even when a device is not selected.


If a reboot is unacceptable, do not select the checkbox for this option in the installation process. For a more detailed explanation of device-specific information displayed in each section, see Device-specific report analysis page Click Firmware on the main toolbar.

He is very experienced in building computers and has used SCSI a lot. The master ticket file will have a. Windows 8 support added. Is Tapeware “bombing out” before, during, after a backup session?

Solved: L&TT doesn’t find Internal DLT VS80 – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

k&tt The Tru64 tar filename uses the letter o in place of zeroes. The cartridge command shows which slots and drives currently have cartridges loaded, and the cartridge bar code if available and applicable.

From the Main screen, type the following command to access the device information screen: