Advanced CCD users will find its numerous advanced filters very useful. We offer this as a starting point for the adventurous. Among its special tools you can select a part of an image and transform it as you want or use the predefined special effects. BMP – Windows standard format. Pixel editing using the mouse. Software downloads for all currently-manufactured products are on their product page, under the Downloads tab.

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Picture Window Pro This winddows98 is suited for both pure photography and astrophotography processing. Once you are satisfied with the results, click OK to process the entire image. Crop to any dimensions using the windows8 or by entering coordinates. MS-Paint can also be useful to create small plain color bitmaps for illustrating purposes.

You can paint and clone features to remove imperfection, lighten or darken selected areas of an image. The Light Falloff transformation allows you to compensate light for the tendency of some lenses to produce unbalanced image.

Written by imaging experts, there is a specific Operations menu which includes filtering wiindows98 like Convolution and Out-Range and the famous Maximum Entropy and Lucy-Richardson restore algorithms, both using the PSF to compute the stars profile.

Pan and zoom images, multiple windows. Plus sides, PSP on-line help is very convenient and answer to all your waits.

Among its most astonishing commands there are photometric analysis, planetary cartography, polarimetric analysis, wavelets analysis, astrometry when connected to an external CD-ROM like the Guide Star Catalog, blink comparison for moving or new objects seraches like supernovae, asteroids or comets. This simple but powerful routine is able to suppress strikes on digital pictures taken with a CCD camera not equipped with an anti-blooming filter.


Once this is done, MaxIm DL will quickly show you the effect of the processing settings you are using. MaxIm DL makes that easier than ever.

The image processing module of PRiSM allows you to preprocess background and bias compensation, normalization, dark frame, flat field image, etc or postprocess your digital or CCD pictures.

Remove bad pixels hot pixels, blooming. As many modern products it can directly acquire images from scanner or digital camera. MS-Paint Supplied with the Microsoft Windows OS, this is a very simple product that a jaximdl years old kid can use to draw colored circles, box and write text in various sizes and fonts and zoom in.

Legacy Product Support

Maxim DL has saved me a lot of time. Selectable FFT and Kernel filters. Sophisticated image tools allow easy identification of your best images.

It can load or save in over 70 files format. Statistics on whole image or rectangular region Match screen stretch. That means that it can also read animations GIF and alter its individuals frames as any other picture.

Display computer screen in Night Vision Mode. Undo works on all image processing functions. Polar alignment using the King Method is simple and our pointing model capability will ensure your mount is always on target.


Instantly adjust brightness and contrast just by moving the mouse. Take a look at my Digital Darkroom menu for more detail about image processing. Don’t understand what a button is for?

Review of Imaging software

We offer this as a starting point for the adventurous. This animation shows how much the details mxaimdl this galaxy’s spiral arms improve after processing.

There are some filters like a quite simple unsharp mask, bluring and sharpening, enhancing edges and masking color emphasis. This wkndows98 includes a preview mode and various filters to lighten, darken or add, blend, etc your composite.

This tool comes with an automatic Point-Spread-Function PSF to extract star image, Gaussian or Exponential curve, noise extraction from models and a wizard to make the tool more easy to use. This particularly interesting application is able to load multiples files doing a multi-selection. This is a relatively complete product with colorful icons including all basic image processing of cooled CCD images dark-frame and flat-field correction, sindows98 adjustement.