Furthermore under X11 your window manager has to honor window aspect hints. It has been reported that reliable TV out can be obtained by using -vo fbdev or -vo fbdev2. Welcome on the Unix SE! Very low values will alter pitch. Disallow upscaling if both dimensions exceed their original values. Matrox specific video output driver that makes use of the YUV back end scaler on Gxxx cards through a kernel module.

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It is not available under any other licensing terms, not even for substantial amounts of money. Motion vectors naturally work much less efficiently for new content coming in from the edges of the picture, because it is not present in the mplayrr frame.

MPlayer Features

I even explicitally told it to -vo vdpau. Learning how to use MEncoder ‘s video filters is essential to producing good encodes.

VOBsub subtitles are not affected. Compatible with all OpenGL versions. Most DVDs and many other files include surround sound. Output each frame into a Targa file in the current directory. Available video output drivers are: Does not work correctly with ass subtitles see -assyou can instead render them without OpenGL support via -vf ass. You can also pass some variables to the Makefile.


The right channel should be discarded, so the second would be “0: This means that it works regardless of what type of audio is being played back.

[SOLVED] ATi + mplayer video tearing fix

Otherwise, enable passthrough for only the format your equipment supports. Number of lines copied to texture in one piece default: Download DirectX 7 header files to compile the DirectX video output driver. Using realtime priority can cause system lockup. In case that -vobsubid is omitted, MPlayer will try to use the languages given by the outpit option and fall back to the langidx in the.

I was thinking of creating two instances of mplayer, telling one to load the first file and the other to load the second one then telling the second one to pause. So it does not work mplayef every system Enforces a fixed video system for multiple files one un initialization for all files.

Output each frame into a JPEG file in the current directory. Used for showing 30fps material on NTSC.

Override movie aspect ratio, in case aspect information is incorrect or missing in the file being played. Avoids broken frames at startup or after seeking with some formats.


On slow systems, you will probably want to set this very low. Only useful together with expand and scale.

mplayer(1) – Linux man page

This is the default if “D” is used to enable deinterlacing. Intended to work even with the most basic OpenGL implementations, but also makes use of newer extensions, which allow support for more colorspaces and direct rendering.

In dga mode you can enable double buffering via the -double option. You are currently viewing LQ as a guest. But there’s another hacky way to achieve what you want with just one card. Specify the escape sequence to use before mppayer an OSD message on the console.

Set the DLL postprocess level. Format name that should be substituted for the output. Sets the mplayed number to use.