Blank registry keys do not exist, so the registry path will actually refer to the parent registry entry, which the user does not have permission to remove. In Windows, the StatusStringOffset field is not used and is set to zero. Same as in section 3. In Windows NT 4. Also, even finding this info without using WMI may not be possible, from the research I’ve done. This includes the right to reassign and delete messages. Pulled several examples and found it is not possible.

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We appreciate your feedback. This is because a registry key requires at least one character in winsp to exist in the registry. Windows Communications Server Edition.

If you want, edit the name for qinxp printer in the Printer Name text box. You can’t automatically have incoming faxes transferred to your Outlook Inbox when you’re using Windows XP.

Is it possible to do? NET to filter out all the virtual printers from this list. You’d be surprised how often folks overlook these details.

All faxes are stored automatically in the Fax Console, but you can also print a copy or store a copy in a local folder or on your network. However, if you copy incoming faxes to a folder, you can send them as attachments to eMail messages just as you would any other file.


When a fax is successfully received, the fax is not printed. How satisfied are prinetr with this response?

This privilege allows the user to view all incoming archived messages, including the archives of other users. If you want to share this printer with other users on the network, click the Share Name radio button and then, if you want, edit the share name that the wizard gives the printer in the Share Name text box this is the name that the other users on the network will see when they go to select this printer for printing their documents.

Tech support scams are an industry-wide issue where scammers attempt to trick you into paying for unnecessary technical support services. No point in going there because it doesn’t matter what those settings are. View outgoing message archive: The settings for fax events in Sounds in Control Panel take precedence.

How do i install MS Fax ?

The device limit is hard coded and is set to two devices. These fields really matter when you’re running special fax routing software.

The device status is indicated by the Status field. To add Fax Transport Services in Outlookfollow these steps:. Sorry this didn’t help. Is there a possibility to differ virtual printer from physical one? The content you requested has been removed. Just for a couple of examples, a PortName that includes an IP address or starts with “USB” is likely to refer to a physical connection.


When you want to change or verify any of these settings, simply run the Fax Configuration Wizard again. Windows Server Datacenter Edition operating system. On an XP Pro system, I enabled fax receiving in the fax service.

7 Appendix B: Product Behavior

By default, this privilege is given prrinter interactive users, everyone, and administrators group. Product Behavior The information in this specification is applicable to the following Microsoft products or supplemental software. By default, this privilege is given to interactive users and administrators group. By default, this privilege is given to the administrators group. Only used locally by Windows; never used remotely on the wire.

This mscax allows the user to manage all outgoing archived messages, including the archives of other users.