Home Help Search Login Register. My device manager shows a load of bluetooth com ports and a bluetooth entry in usb controller, but it also shows up as 3 unknown devices. The software on the installation cd seems to be for something completely different so I’d downloaded the bluetooth drivers from msi’s website but still no luck. To fix this, go into the Bluetooth Advanced Configuration. There in no Bluetooth device in the system overview. Sorry this didn’t help. It will contain something like “MSI Bluetooth device” in it’s name.

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I have also disconnected my internet connection during the driver installation. For example, BlueSoleil suite asked me to enter a security code that will be entered on the other party as well I have managed to solve it, on my PC XP anyway.

But this time buletooth all of Bluetooth services will be installed. Download and install original software. I think it’s time for MSI to react!

Read the other thread, just disconnect your computer from the internet! As for my case, there are still few important steps onward.

Support For Btoes XMicro | MSI Global

Log in to Win XP as Administrator. I had two products to choose between, a MSI the brand I once knew and a tecom. I tried it three times on and it worked everytime. I’ve have red a lot of forums all with the same problems with reinstalling BT dongles! How satisfied are you with this reply?


Home Help Search Login Register.

Where can I find a driver for my bluetooth MSI3X btoes device compatible with 64 bit.

Chooe Update Driver, then select “Install from a list or specific location”. Please give me some advice. Hi if your computer can not install the dongel after software upgrade ,uninstall all related software,in system ,uninstall all usb controllers and hub providing you are running xp restart the computer,during post-up acces bios and disable usb support,let windows load,power down again ,enable usb support in bios ,windows will now discover usb controllers again and install them,run bluetooth software version 1.

I’ve had the same device and the same sort of problem: I read something about getting gluetooth security code or anything like that. Though there seem to be a problem, I cant transferr any file bigger than kb.

MSI BToes (MS-6970) Bluetooth USB Dongle Windows Driver, Bluetooth Software

I try 3 same peaces and all are the same I just find this very odd not working. The CD enclosed is for WiFi adaptors and not for the btoees. There in no Bluetooth device in the system overview.


Dude, You are just plain wrong. It was byte. Any suggestions would be welcome.

MaxAllen Replied on January 22, Denver Hoffman Created on October 20, I can’t figure it out either, I think I’ve tried almost everything. However I keep getting BTstackserever errors. Well actually I wrote the wrong figures.

MSI Bluetooth Device

I’m really getting pissed! When it asks for the dongle to be inserted near the end of the setup click the ‘Close cross’ in the top right to ignore the message.

I’ve tried them on XPpro and Win Especially as it is shared memory with the phone’s phonebook. The blue LED on the dongle is flashing, the manual says on is connected, off is disconnected, but makes no mention of flashing.