Dear customers, We are sorry to say but currently the stock information is as follows: That shouldn’t cause random drivers to appear as MIDI devices, though. You just needed the driver and a plugin. I hate being punished for using latest OS, and I also feel sorry for you guys who write these awesome drivers and software for us retro enthusiasts. Any idea as to what could cause this? Because injection moulding is quite expensive we are looking to people who would like to participate in obtaining some professionally produced cartridges for their own projects, and need more space than the konami sized alternatives offers.

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On this particular PC my main machine I was updating to v3. Please mail us info thisdomain for more info. Hopefully later this year. But we are getting there and we hope to run a new batch later this year. Thanks for the detailed info, Kode54 Hehe, even as a non-coder, I understood your detailed explaination fully BTW, one last little question: Thank you for your support and happy MSX-ing!

MIDI-PAC2 without MIDI synth hardware

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. Users judlord this forum: Nope, no free notification of sound device error in that case.


Currently a small batch of Modulons is being produced, which will go to the people who made reservations some time ago. First happy new year to you all! So if we can reduce the production costs we vsh charge less per batch. Major changes were done, including compressed sample support in SoundFonts. The current sinc interpolation vsf has audible aliasing, audio sample included: It’s frustrating to keep fixing what is getting broken intentionally. One of those was of course the lack of stereo sound in any MSX.

That includes worldwide shipping unregistered by letter mail. Microchip actually released it, implementations were made for PC the infamous Sound Master and the design was also used in a few arcade systems. Link to the cartridge enclosure file for 3D printing. If that fails, it will try to reopen it with 16 bit integer format. Modulon — first batch is sold out.

We are thinking of reselling batches of 50 vet for about 4 euro per piece so euro total to cover total production costs. We might produce some new boards in cooperation with MVM. This site uses cookies.

We are busy to see if we can produce a extension cable for the Modulon. New redesign is ready, software is not. Right now, I need to use the Coolsoft Midimapper to be able to change the output device.

I really hope these problem will be fixed in future versions. You need a few things. Someone has hacked the shareware version of the great Yamaha S-YXG50 soft synthesizer to work on 64bit Windows because normally it can only work on 32bit Windows. So, filling in our order form secures your place on our reservation list. All our free time and efforts are now being redirected to finish a new product we have been working on for the last two years. This will tell us that there is demand for these products so we might put some little more effort to reproduce them.


MIDI-PAC2 without MIDI synth hardware | supersoniqs

Google [Bot]kodi and 1 guest. The mudlkrd thing that I’ve been able to come to this setup on a modern computer is to run a motherboard that is capable of running modified soundcard drivers for the Yamaha PCI sound card under the 32bit version of Windows 7 and then mhdlord a version of DOSBox that supports OPL3 passthrough.

These will be available later this year. The two not working players are both x64 while VanBasco is x