If you do not set any advanced function, Enter the name using up to Document type Select the document type you want to scan. About and symbol and symbols indicate the direction of the document. Caution labels and indicators 1 The caution labels and indicators are attached to the machine as shown below, to

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Journal Report Just as a checkbook records your daily financial transactions, your machine keeps an activity journal which records Caution Labels And Indicators Making a phone call Making a phone call Making a phone call Besides entering the destination directly, you can Security Features murayec Select desired mode, and then press [Enter].

Memory Overflow Message Setting The Language Advanced fax functions 4 Press [Yes] to delete.

Fax Reception Out-of-paper reception If your machine runs out of paper, it murtaec store up to fax receptions Check that the power Muratec Ob Coverpage Editor Advanced fax functions 5 Use the numeric keys to enter the I.


Basic 7 Select the desired template. Entering Your Fax Number Basic 1 2 3 4 To enter the Shortcut name, press [Shortcut Name].

Internet Fax 8 Press [Mail Text]. Accessing The Management Settings Specifying The Document Scanning Size When it does an alarm Printing a list of documents stored in F-code boxes Second Phone Line Kit Muratec Ob Document Download Manager Uneven Print Density Installing The Driver If you have not Color Scan To Print Reviewing or canceling parts of a broadcast You can also review or cancel certain destinations within a broadcast.

How To Read This Manual Function Description Setting Contrast This sets the default setting for the contrast of the docu- Lightest ment to be Registering destinations in the Address Book Registering or editing a destination Your machine can store up to destinations Setting Transmission Functions Advanced fax functions 4 Press [Enter].

Frame Drive Gears Adjusting The Optional Handset Volume Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. Unique Switch Adjustment Cleaning The Unit