You have to install the drivers only once. The DAC 8 is large. Face plate in silver or black Connectivity: The USB path naturally offers user-selectable upsampling by way of after-market media players to experiment with sending the ARC deck higher sampling rates. Further, not only did the DAC8 let me easily distinguish between the two groups of singers — one up front, one farther back — that make this recording so useful for distinguishing the depth of soundstage, it also portrayed depth within the main choral group at the front of the soundstage. I rather feel that change has been spread wide. Often these percussion instruments blur together into background mush, but not through the DAC8.

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Each channel of the DAC8 uses a true direct-coupled differential amplifier with a bandwidth in excess of 90kHz. The drivers work with these softwares: A digital music player, and a digital-to-analog converter DAC capable of rendering the files into something speakers can play. The DAC 8 is large.

Audio Research DAC8 Upgrade

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We are pleased to introduce the new DAC8 digital to analog converter. Macrodynamically the DAC8 feels fundamentally fleet-footed. Latest The SoundStage!

The machine automatically recognizes the incoming sample rate to switch in the proper oscillator. I cued up For the Angel, Israfel on both computer and Auraliti and listened closely. The drivers, which are claimed to work with a wide variety of software, guarantee low-jitter, bit-perfect playback.


In addition to new hardware, they must develop high-speed USB 2. In terms of outright authority and low-frequency power, the DAC 8 need fear no rival: Sample Rate measuring function: This audoo each clock to just one sampling-rate family— The smaller choir behind the main group sounded more distant, but with less harmonic detail, which made the voices less realistic.

Through both inputs on both models, while the Benchmark DAC1 Pre presented an enjoyable musical experience, the Audio Research DAC8 sounded less digital, with more detail and realism — which, given its price, it darned well should. Particularly nuanced listeners with transparent quality amplification and speakers will appreciate how precise and accurate yet simultaneously mild and unforced this DAC goes about its job.

This review page is supported in part by the sponsors whose ad banners are displayed below. Mac users can achieve the same with Amarra or PureMusic for just two options.

Some DACs from uadio companies have tried to sweeten the sound of digital with hybrid designs that use valves in the output stage, but in most cases this approach fails to fully satisfy. To let through the finest of fades and harmonics without subliminal grit or artefacts is arguably the great strength of this DAC which perhaps segues back to the auio. Both had the ARC house sound.


SoundStage! Hi-Fi | – Audio Research DAC8 Digital-to-Analog Converter

After installation of the driver, a small icon will appear in the same task bar where one usually safely removes USB sticks or external hard drives. Neutrality and absence of tendencies in the best meaning of those terms. What do you need to play those high-resolution files? And, of course, each input you use needs break-in — although, hopefully, not hours for each.

The DAC 8 is decently equipped but breaks little new ground when it comes to features. Rather, the DAC 8 keeps it all in perspective, with edge definition and the harmonic information that follows being retained in proportion. Their sound tends to overplay warmth and smoothness, sacrificing precision and dynamic punch in the process. Details of all sorts — harmonic, dynamic, vocal — abounded.

How do you connect your computer to a DAC to turn those ones and zeros into music? Often these percussion instruments blur together into background mush, but not through the DAC8. In USB mode the remote can also aueio an associated media player—J. I could distinguish no difference in how rssearch two inputs handled dynamics; both were excellent. Three years akdio and labor to original purchaser.