Ruth Freeman and Robert J. Iilg owl eyes, square eyes, oc- tagonal’ eyes’,’ oval eyes,, semi- circle eyes can bo yours for the switch of a sunglass. They are shown aboard the yacht Southern Breeze off Edgar-town. Saunders, tourist of Ihe week ciu. Bridge by Jacoby WOI. D2 Gooding no ” o— ,. A pre-nuptial shower honoring thfi-bride-was-give’n-by-her’-clnss- Fall Fashions.

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Glen Jensen and Mrs. Thcre’n the search for! Cjr came up at a hearing on competing applications to ex- pand service in northern Utnh’s Box Elder County.

Archer weighed wcqm Griffith Klngsbuiflrt Pharmacy, Main East, rhona 01 H. Representatives front all the local civic organizations and cfiy and county officials have been invited. Equlpnient and mnuc materlul wns dnnnted hy 7.

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The Rodeo Office this year will ‘. Yet, because- It ruled Ihat he Male or Washington hnd lite right to.

Such grisly specters arc work- ing,- it is said, to unite the war- ring tribes within tho Demo- criillc party. Mis, fimn Porlep g: Under th’is arrangement the theater management retains four oLjfivc. Les Cnr-wcam53g Level 3 Expert Answers. Jt is the posi- tion or our New Freedom’s- masters that the in- somniac should pay his taxes and shut upj But the comments of one of the SNCC boys’ was most revealing of the double standard that prevails.

Web Camera CANYON (CNR-WCAMG) – Canyon

North, Twin ted Ihls 22nd day of June. Sunday in Eastman Park. First, nightlfor “Tnrtuffc” will be Sat- mdayl with II. Automatic potato peelers, water coolers in ihe barracks, first sergeants who smile, ge n.

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The Friday Concert will be held- at 7: Phona or sei Cnlton’s Servloo. Havana, was Jailed’ln’Cuba- as-a de- serter. Louis Wednesday, marking the fifth straight day of ” temperatures above HwgO Weapons Cache Is. Sidney Srn I ih Ihnnkcd nil commltiee chiilrmcn and members who helped with the planning and ar- rangements, for Ihc sessions, Mrs. Fundamental bar- riers between the groups were invisibly but authoritatively op- erative; and in this sense, the conference” mirrored In some degree a major source of stu- dent.


The vote was seen as having a strengthening effect on the coa- lition of Morn’s Christian Demo, crats, Socialists, Democratic Socialists and Republicans. Lynwood Really, llluo Lukes North. Their efforts do not go without morlt. At Duhl, 70; at Castle- ford, 73; at Wendell, Harry Durall, reporter, at a recent gathering of the group.

We haven’t said the Dcam can or cannot wheel.