I am absolutely frantic, and would be grateful if you could kindly help me solve the problem. Or between two CDP Servers connected by a slow network connection. Thanks for your support through my troubles SIW2, you’re first guess was correct it was a Partition Table error. Also I am going to be super pissed if losing a drive causes the array to become corrupt as that would pretty much defeat its purpose, that is to tolerate a drive failure without data loss. Well, I got lucky. I noticed the exact same problem on my drives. Manion Ars Scholae Palatinae Registered:

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What about the Cylinder boundary? Since there seems to be no solution, I have re-installed after backing up my data I doubt it’s simply a filesystem issue, since the RAID card did give you a degraded drive error.

OMG: Massive disk corruption after defrag – Ars Technica OpenForum

Jul 23, Posts: Sunday, February 17, 8: In Explorer, go to the path you need to access, right click Properties, Security tab, click the Edit button and confirm the UAC prompt, in the window that pops up, there will likely be some SID number strings show up for the previous defagmenting, as well as Users, etc. Here are the last few logs: Fdom it had been just this one HD – drive controller board issue is possible.


Switch to mobile style. My guess is that whatever caused it to fail to respond also caused the data corruption rather than causing something else, which caused the errors you have logged, which caused corruption.

However, it happens so rarely and I don’t write to the drives often enough maybe a 2 or 3GB a weekso I can’t say it’s gone for sure. The corruption happens very rarely so I’ll have to wait and see. I realise there is probably too little information here to come up with defragmentting solution but I’d be interested in people’s thoughts.

The problem was solved.

SATA HDD failure after Defrag

Windows and Linux virtual memory space iwth actually bit 2 GB because the last bit is reserved. At the same time in the system log this happened: SIW2Jan 3, And if metadata for the new files are not written at the correct location, we should also have structural problems with the new files chkdsk seems always ok on my side. Maybe it’s one of your controllers?

So its not just defragmentinng related. I can’t see anything obvious.

This allows any transaction to be completely rolled back even if interrupted by a crash or power failure.

Windows also does this for NTFS. Both programs failed me.

Six Reasons Why Your External Drive May Get Slow

Feb 25, Posts: Tuesday, March 18, 9: It’s true that the kernel does whats called pre-allocation as you are writing to a file. If it ends up in occupied disk space, it will show up inside an existing file old or new and you’ll see it as a checksum error.


Restore whatever backups you have. In either case, because of the incorrect addresses, the metadata gets written to somewhere where it should not go. Such errors most often emerge because of incorrect addressing of software, a conflict of drivers, sudden blackout due to a power cutor hang-up while the computer addresses the hard disk actively.

compression – Files corrupted after Defragmentation – Super User

Oddly, I got a copy of system rescue cd recently – only to find the more recent recent versions of Gparted have all kinds of issues with ntfs.

The normal, and debatable, benefits of defragging are gone because there’s multiple physical drives involved and no way for the OS or defrag software to know which drive contains which clusters. Files corrupted after Defragmentation Ask Question.

The corrupt file was an old one that was neither defragged nor modified nor read until the checksum program.